Why have all my ADAs gone from Daedalus wallet?

I have a big problem and need your recommendations:

Yesterday (28/3), I bought 2863.133 ADAs from Binance. I move all of them to Daedalus wallet. You can see details in the picture ‘Binance_to_Daedalus. png’. Few minutes later, all ADA appears in my wallet. My address wallet is displayed in ‘Daedalus_Address.png’. I accessed CardanoExplorer and the transaction is there. I mark it with a red rectangular in the picture (Cardano_Explorer_Transaction.png). Timestamp: 03/28/2018 08:24:11. Amount: 2863.133. Suddenly, all ADAs have gone in the wallet although i did nothing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I went back to the CardanoExplorer and found that all coin were sent to that address: DdzFFzCqrhstKhn8kYsZFCg6ekqQ42reYHb2P1DPjm77c7W7EmwJCvEkbhFFFPdFugZmgwne5973eJFNXVBpzyWq7UpUyFqHcrph6f6n at 03/28/2018 09:56:11. I am really confused and do not understand why the situation could be like that. I also mark the transaction that make my coins move out. Terrible!

Do you really think my wallet has been hacked? I already put my recovery phase in a safe physical place but things still happened. Is there any way to track the address?

Sorry, I do not know how to upload picture so you can access the link here for details: 2863.133 ADAs have gone!

Any comment is highly appreciated!

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This is not the address from the binance print screen… that one ends with Dsm …

. can you post the tx id from binance?

Sure. Here is Binance details:

TransactionID: 33068692b3ee0a01ae64f15317dc20121373bdb2e19bfdf3fcd728eabeb3563c

The one with ***Dsm is my address. The other one is the address that my coins were sent to. And I need to find reason why all coins were sent out without my intention.

the address


has 2 tx

one - https://cardanoexplorer.com/tx/33068692b3ee0a01ae64f15317dc20121373bdb2e19bfdf3fcd728eabeb3563c
You recieve + 2,863.133000 ADA at 28 Mar 2018 08:24:clock11:
You send - 2,863.133000 ADA at
28 Mar 2018 09:56:11
Here it is https://cardanoexplorer.com/tx/91fd9baacc391fb6ea0a6ba35669379efdb635418e57cc9b0a60d952598ed2f3

I know the fact you mentioned, Adafans_io. Actually, I am not the one who make the 2nd transaction. That’s all weird. I’ve bought ADAs and want to hold it for long-term.

And I really have no idea about the address that my coins were sent to. I have made no sending transaction. Now all gone! My wallet hacked?

I can’t say it was hacked, i dont’ know what happend… but from tx ids its obvioius its not an “daedalus error” or something that would make ada “disappear”…
Yes , looks like someone transferred it to another address … in less that 2h after you recieved it

Yes, less than 02 hours. This is my first deal with ADA and things turned out ‘disaster’. One-month salary gone, :D. So so bad!

I am sorry man but this is not ada’s, cardano, daedalus fault… someone had access to your pc or key - no other way it moved

I’m sorry to doubt you, but it was either you who sent it to another wallet and you are just rolling, or your computer got hacked and someone sent your ADA to another address (I think it’s unlikely).
You should make precautions before engaging in any trade. We’ve got to learn what you are doing before spending any money.

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Yep, Gabor. You have the right to doubt me. That’s okie. But the truth is someone accessed my laptop or hack my wallet. That’s the fact. Anyway, thanks for your all comments.


I remember cardano foundation having a project to geostamp tx … so we could see from what location was it send … 3k ada is not that much… i know a person who lost 100k usd worth of ada sending it to a fake android wallet :sleepy:

Wow, that sucks! Such a high value.

Holy crap! That’s literally exactly what happened to me. Same scenario and I thought the same thing! How could I be hacked? I’m so careful. I’ve been trying to get help from tech support for 2 months now with no progress. I could post all of my info if it would be helpful to anyone (and myself). It actually looks like it may have returned to Binance which is really weird. And one of the addresses is “unviewable” in the blockexplorer. even the tech support agent was stumped on that one.

The sad part is here I’m thinking never keep my crypto in an exchange… but in this case we would likely still have our ADA. I lost over 6k.

So sad. For now, have you tracked your ADA successfully, @drballs? I also contacted tech support but no progress has been shown yet.

Yes, I’m doing the same thing like you for the time being. Keep a majority of ADA on exchange.

It will be helpful, if you create a new thread and describe your problem with details.

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