Daedalus - Lost ADA coins

Hello everyone
I am beginner in the cryptocurrencies. I installed daedalus wallet on sunday (17.12.2017) and I took withdrawal from binance exchange. During the same day my 4200 ADA transfered in the wallet and all the coins was confirm. Unfortunatelly yesterday I opened the daedalus wallet and there is nothing. I can’t see any history of transaction and any coins. I can’t see also my wallet address, where I transfered my coins. I have withdrawal confirmation from binance exchange. Can someone help me about it? How can I recovery my coins?
I see transaction in the blockchain on the website https://cardanoexplorer.com/ but the wallet address is not still active …

try deleting the wallet, then restoring it. (make sure you saved words that help restore the wallet before you delete it)

what had happened to me was that I transferred some funds from Binance into my Daedalus Wallet, and the transaction on Binance said COMPLETED.

I did not see the funds in my wallet but once I deleted it and restored it, it loaded up just fine.


Yeah perhaps try doing what @fraciscv said… If you have your 12 word recovery phrase, delete your wallet completely, recover it (might take a long time since it has to download the whole blockchain) and see if your coins are there.

Your wallet might be buggy or something…

PS: As long as the coins show in your address while checking the blockchain, you should be safe.


Thank you very much guys! I did it and I recovered my coins. You are so helpful :slight_smile:


Well done… Glad it worked out for ya!

Just have patience when dealing with Daedalus… There have been issues with some bugs affecting users etc but the team is working on it… I’m positive they will eventually fix these small issues :wink: