Daedalus problems after latest update

I basically lost some $2000 of coins. I have the wallet name, the recovery keys and everything. But my wallet on Daedalus won’t show up. It certainly does appear that if I keep the ADA coins I purchased on an exchange, that would be safer!

After the Daedalus wallet update, my wallet account that I always had in my Daedalus wallet on the computer won’t show up.

It also told me of a time discrepancy with the time on my computer and the blockchain on the network of some sort, when it goes on taking a long time to sync the blockchain.

Just like that! $2000 gone!

Now if this ADA thing is legit, I would be able to recover my coins if I present the previous public address and wallet name and recovery keys that I have right?

I certainly hope so.

You need only 12 secret words to recover a wallet.

It’s not gone, please, stop panicking with no reason

That would not be safer.

What exactly does it show?

I’m sorry, but your message looks like actually solving the problem is far from your interests. This is not how you report a problem and ask for help. Provide information, screenshots, detailed steps. What did you do before it stopped working? Did it work before? What does it show now? What did you already try to solve the problem?

You need to ask a proper question in order to get a proper response. Did you try sending a request to official tech. support? Or screaming on a forum about “lost” money is your first solution to every problem?


I sent a request twice. One to the ADA website and another via Daedalus wallet.

I think something like an IP address should verify my ownership.

I’ll send screenshots to the official Cardano support staff if they ask.

I’m bothered that when I restored my wallet, I got a new interface with nothing in it. A blank slate…

I feel for you @frozenlychee, if your wallet shows coins on the blockchain then it would be worth borrowing access to a computer of someone you know and install daedalus on it and restore your wallet on that computer just to find assurance that you still have access to your coin’s, you could then print them out onto a paper wallet or just know you still have access to them.
I have found problems over the years with all sorts of software, sometimes it is a problem with the computer I use it on, maybe a program installed by the seller I bought it from, maybe something I downloaded, in any case I am very confident in the blockchain that holds your ADA and if you have your seed words to restore your wallet you will be fine, unless precaution was not taken to protect your investment.
The community will certainly assist you with known problems if you could give us something to help direct you to the fix, if it is a new problem then there is no doubt in my mind that you will get a response after submitting your logs, 2000 dollars is alot of money and will not be overlooked by all of those involved with Cardano.

If i were you I would clean my computer program files up and delete everything that I did not ever plan to use (I would actually have to verify all programs I kept were actually legit) , I would wipe my RAM clean and be sure to erase everything that I had concerning Daedalus, then I would restart my computer, download Daedalus, restore my wallet by using my seed, and if that did not work then I would use another person’s computer to get my money back, or I might search the forum here for similar experiences and try what they say worked… In general from the post’s I have read - if your wallet holds the coins on the blockchain and you have the seed words you will be able to recover your ADA, again I feel for you, and I hope you the best.


This is like a tattle tale of a sorts that would tell me that something is wrong with my computer.

Thank you so much. Once I solve this problem this could be a “sticky” to everyone who may face the same issue in the future.

I think my computers work fine. I’m going to have to go through my notes to see if i have with myself more recovery keys to open up my Daedalus wallet successfully on a second try. Maybe on first try I missed something that I should be typing.

I found my ADA! I used ADA tracker. So obviously it’s still in the Blockchain.

I found the correct recovery words to restore my wallet. However, when I restore it… it won’t let me since I created a new wallet of the same name. It just says “Wallet you are trying to restore already exists.”

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Sounds like you need to read the following thread where they talk about the same problem and are able to restore forum.cardano.org :wink:

I am glad you have your seed, there has been people that lost their seed words and lost ADA cause of it, the seed words are very important.

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Want to know why the daedalus wallet is so secure? Because when you have coins in it, it is impossible to get out! For you, for hackers, for everybody. Haha.

Sorry. Just had to :stuck_out_tongue:

If the systems shows error on time syncing ( with RED background and some alert words in WHITE ), then simply to sync your computer time with the internet time in “setting” console - TIME & LANGUAGE, then the issue will be gone.

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Thanks for the replies everyone.

that’s funny