Binance to Daedulus wallet still nothing from 12/30/17


Please help! I sent coins from Binance to my Daedulus wallet on 12/30 still not showing up.
I have restarted my computer, re-downloaded the wallet still nothing. I checked the address all good and it even shows it as going through went I hit the check link on Binance it takes me to Cardona that shows it went through.

Any ideas…Please help?

Thank you

Does it show on
Just enter your wallet address

Can you tell me where the wallet address is located? Thanks so much for the reply?help.

Open your Daedulus wallet. Once its synced go in and click on receive. Thats your address to receive coin and the site I posted above should show transactions to that address (your wallet address tho, not this one shown in the example picture)

Ok, it shows it went through…now what? I have sent several emails to support…no replies.

Did you close your wallet and resync it? Maybe even a computer restart can fix it. There has been a few issues recently that I have seen on this forum.

Which support have you tried to contact?

Maybe check this thread too or watch it

ok thanks for trying to help, appreciate it.

No prob, hope it gets sorted for you. Let us know

I have successfully moved ada from binance to Deadalus, so I would guess it’s a problem with binance exchange. They recently had to do some maintenance on the ada exchange due to traffic. You may just need to wait patiently till it gets sorted out. (it would be very unlikely for you to actually loose the ada, it will just take some time to get your wallet to access it)

deepau, it was on new years day (almost an hour)

Sent from Binance: Completed 2018-01-01 17:01:38

Recieved in Deadalus: Completed 2018-01-01 05:57:11 PM

On Dec 19th I sent one from Binance to Deadalus that took 5 minutes.

Cardano on the rise, shame we can’t buy more :expressionless:

Is there any particular reason to store the ADA in daedalus other than not wanting it on an exchange?

Update: Still nothing in my wallet!! Support has never answered any of my emails and neither has binance by the way. Good thing it was more of a test the first time I did it, so it wasn’t a lot but it still sucks I don’t have it.

If anybody knows how to get support besides email please let em know?

Thank you

Is there any particular reason to store the ADA in daedalus other than not wanting it on an exchange?

Reason can be said with one word: MtGox. I paid expensive lesson and hope nobody will.

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Sorry I can’t offer much help, but maybe a reminder will help your nerves… everything on the blockchain is permanent, so recovering it is not time sensitive, and the value of ada will continue to go up in the long run. I’m sure they will figure out what happened and fix it eventually. Binance seems to be swamped and struggling with some issues right now, so you may be forced to wait patiently for a reply from support.

You may also want to try raising your voice on their facebook page, it might motivate someone to bump you ahead in the support que…