HELP ADA transaction from Binance to Daedalus

I transferred my ADA coin from Binance to my Daedalus wallet. I followed all the steps and checked to make sure i gave the right wallet address and nothing is in my wallet. On Binance it says the transaction is complete and it says it went through on the Cardano trade tracker. Ive heard i may have to re-download daedalus, any suggestions? Feeling hopeless and confused

Did you get the confirmation email from Binance? I’m assuming you did and clicked on the link to confirm it. Try restarting your computer and then launch Daedalus.

Sometimes, it takes Binance 12 hours to actually send the ADA to you. I think in 2-3 months, these delays will be reduced dramatically.

Binance and Bittrex were caught unprepared for the amount of interest ADA received.

I had the same worries but it seems there are delays a lot. It took 9 hours to get my coins transferred last time. As stated above restart and open Daedalus hat may help too. How long have you been waiting ? I’m currently holding my ADA on binance and will transfer to Daedalus when the staking begins.

This was also my first issue when I subscribed. I feared to have lost my (very small) investment.
The hardest part: being patient. :sleeping_bed: It really takes a lot of time by now. :mantelpiece_clock:

Restarting worked! Thankyou