Transfer to Binance

Hi, I transferred from Daedalus to Binance over 3 hours ago and I still haven’t received anything. Has anyone else had this problem? I checked cardano explorer and it’s says it’s sent.

I had no problem with transferring my ADA from Binance to the Daedalus wallet. It was there very quickly in a matter of a few minutes (the test amount to send and then the remainder). That said, I do believe others on this forum have posted concerns similar to yours. I hope yours arrives soon. Take care.

Binance has ADA currently listed as suspended due to a block network error

Same here. Moreover, explorer shows that the coins were transferred from the Binance’s address to the other 2 addresses after that and there are lots of similar transactions…what does it mean? Is it normal or Cardano is in troubles?

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Did yours ever go through? I am in same position with explorer and waiting 3+ hours for my transfer into binance.

Yes, it did. It took about 5 hours to appear at binance, but by that time the transaction already had a few hundreds of confirmations )) So I guess binance is playing it’s own game too…

Hey, there, Ilental!
Have you managed to get the money to your binance account yet?
I’ve had the same problem since yesterday - it sent me to 2 different addresses, but the coins are not in my Binance account yet!

I’ve also sent a support ticket, but still nothing from them!

I hope I haven’t lost my coins due to a stupid bug!

Hi, my understanding is that because the wallet assigned to you is actually their internal wallet assigned to your login, they do move funds around for their own purposes :slight_smile: . At the end you should see the balance appeared at your account with Binance, but it does take time. I suspect they really use market volatility to make their big money, but I don’t think we can do much about it at this point of time…
It took about 5 hours to appear at my account with Binance from the moment the transaction was confirmed.