Problems from daedalus to binance transfer



Hi , i am wondering if somebody is having the same issue as me. Last night transfered ADA from daedalus to binance and still after seven hours no ADA in Binance. transaction in Daedalus shows successful. Nothing in orderhistory etc on Binanace. anybody having similar issues. ?

Binance ADA withdrawals are suspended due to network busy

yes same issue.

yesterday made a transfer of bittrex to binance seems like my deposit is gone.
All other transfer waves/xlm are on my account.

Anyone knows?


Try restarting your computer


Same here. It’s on the Cardano blockchain, but assurance in wallet had been set to high … and Cardano blockchain, as far as I can tell, doesn’t tell you how many confirmations it’s up to. Ugh.


Yes, I have the same problem.

I’ve sent some 350 ADA’s (30 h+ ago) from Daedalus to Binance, and never showed up there.
So, I tried to send again the remains I had still in the wallet (cca 1 ADA) and it went through like in 5 minutes.
Both operations were confirmed many times, adress is OK, etc. Everything is “fine.” on the blochain.

To whom should I write to get actual relief and help, that I haven’t just lost 250 USD’ s WITHOUT MY FAULT?
This is quite a lot of money “just to get lost” with no explanation.

On Ethereum network, once I did assign too low fee for transfer and via a “hack” I was able to restore the “stuck” transaction back.

Guys, any idea where to get actually someone started to look at this? My confidence in this network was lost.


Hi severson , any news because mine still hadn’t showed up on binance. Frustrating isn’t it. Don’t know what to do and who to contact. Any luck you’re side. ?


Hi, nope. I opened a ticket on Binance with no success yet. So it´ s been
3rd day since my funds went into vain.
There should be a way how to track the transfer in bigger detail imo - I
have a hope since both my transactions are correctly shown on the tracker.
I really believe it must be Binance side. My transaction has smth like 1500
confirmations (in Daedalus).

Please anyone other advice, how to better track the transaction?

Imo tickets with lost funds should be P1´s for the support, but guys are
now dealing with many issues though



4 days later it has arrived - no comment, but happy :slight_smile:


I am here because I had a similar problem however I was told that it should be resolved in the next 24 hours ! .

Lets wait and see