Missing transfer of ADA from binance to Daedalus wallet

Hi support, I have a case of missing coins as well. I sent it several days ago from binance to a daedalus wallet. the explorer shows that it completed, but the coins were never received. here is the link to the explorer (248.75 coins):

Hello @fupaking, this section of the forum are mostly other users who try to help each other.

You can file an official support ticket On the official daedulus website, you will see a popup, you need to click on get support then you can fill in a form.

Thanks, I’ll do that!

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Hi, pls give advise on if stated wrong transfering address, when i transfer my ETH from Binance exchange to Gate.io exchange. How can i stop the transaction and get back the money into my binance wallet? Tqvm

Hi, I am having the same problem from 12/30 and have sent several emails to support and have received no reply back!

What happens when you load the Daedelus wallet? Usually the coins arrived but the wallet needs to fully synch and load in order for the coins to appear. Also assuming you double and triple checked the recipient address?

Yeah even shows it went through when i check the address from my wallet on the cardona site. I am and have fully synced a couple times, restarted my computer, etc. Just doesn’t show any coins.

Urgh that sucks. I did a transfer of ADA from Binance to my wallet a couple of days ago. It took hours which was worrying, but after Binance said the transaction completed and I restarted the wallet, the coins show up. If yours aren’t then yeah contact Daedelus support - not sure what else to suggest… If you find the solution please post back here!

Just wanted to report back I still have to resolution in this. I’ve filed support tickets with binance and daedalus…very concerned and shocked by this. I’ll keep holding on to what ADA I have for the time being, but I won’t invest further unless I see these problems are resolved. I would expect at least a “we are working on it” no matter how small the amount. Disgraceful.