ADA coins missing on binance


I’ve transferred 800 ADA coins from bitrrex to binance,
I can see it in block chain, here is the transaction link,

but i dont see them in my binance account ,
Have i lost my coins,
someone please help me

Other than transactions from wallet to wallet it looks like all coming from such exchanges takes more time (in the current bootstrap era of the cardano-network:

wait 1-2 hours and you should have it in your wallet.

The exchanges have to keep careful accounting. And any kind of error or delay makes them nervous. IOHK is actively working with the exchanges to improve the situation. Thanks

its been more than 36 hours and i should wait for 2 more hours ?

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ah sorry, I looked only at the hour in the explorers transaction view.

The most important thing (or question) is: the sending exchange has to deduct the transactions amount because you can’t double spend. But as long as the transaction is not confirmed, it should re-appear as fund after ??? of time. right?

at the moment I have nothing at bittrex that I could transfer to binance to understand if this your’s is a general or special situation.

I just did a transfer from binance to my personal wallet and it took exactly two hours to appear in my wallet (assurance level high)

yes actual amount that i transferred is 800 , after transaction fee deducted by bittrex it is 779.8 as you can see it in the block chain explorer .

in bittrex the status is showing as completed , but in binance i dont see the balance .

this is my binance ADA wallet address .


in the block chain i can see the balance as 799.8.
does it mean transaction got succeeded ?
if so why does it not reflect in my binance wallet balance?

let me know if you noted something … and please send it back to


i can see ur transaction ,
now my walllet balance has become 1 but not 799.8 .
But on explorer it is 800.8.
I’m confused , binance support team is not at all responding to my ticket ,

transferreing it back :slight_smile:

thanks for the help

withdrawl suspended on binance right now .
will do it once it is back

im a student and i sold my mobile to get this coins but see what just happened , i lost all of them .
i should have never got into this crypto :’(

ok, this brings some light into this exchange delays. For whatever reason (is it the exchanges financial strategy or by cardanos current network design level) it takes extraordinary long to bring funds AWAY from exchanges. (in your case 36+ hours from Bittrex to Binance. in my case 2 hours from Binance to my personal wallet, provided it’s enabled there at all)
Transactions from my wallet to your Binance account take a couple of minutes.

please send me an address you created in your daedalus wallet. I want to know how long it takes from personal wallet to another personal wallet…

i dont have daedalus wallet installed.
Thank you so much for help .

I don’t believe you lost them. Of course I can’t give any guarantee because I’m a normal user, but I can confirm that ALL my test transaction from/to exchanges and wallets succeeded at the end.

ok . lets hope for the best .

Many users have reported the same thing between Bittrex and Binance, I suspect there is an issue with either ends wallet, it needs to be fixed and synced for our coins to appear.

hmm didnt that get posted like 1.5 weeks ago. There are thousands of people scared and frustrated because of this issue. devs should be all over this. should be a top priority to keep the market liquid as possible as they dev the main product up. if its not… it gives all types of wrong impressions and just plain puts people off. we need early investors willing to take risks and set up nodes but this kinda shit does not help that happen.

you should download the daedalus wallet as soon as possible. You do not want to keep ADA in the exchanges for security reasons. Although i must tell you, that binance has temporarily disabled the withdrawal feature. Not sure when it will be back up.

You didn’t loose your coins, they will be there once the cardano engineers figure out the issue and binance syncs with the network. I have 1740 ADA bound up too, they will be there once the issues are solved. lets hope soon.