Missing ADA deposit

Withdrawaled ADA from Bittrex to Binance last night and still not receive nothing in Binance Ada wallet. It’s been 24 hours and Binance support still didn’t reply. On bittrex it says Withdrawal in complete. Checked blockchain explorer and transaction in there but still nothing in Binance. Help!!!

If the address is completely correct, you probably don’t need to worry too much. ADA will eventually arrive. Binance will eventually reply, be patient, don’t worry too much. Today I saw a reddit post that has the same problem as yours, and after the customer service replies, the problem is solved. Wish your problem solved as soon as possible!

Same thing happened to me. On 01/06/2087 my friend transferred ADA from Bittrex to my address in Binance. The transaction is shown complete but I cant see my balance in Binance. I have sent several emails to Binance support,no response. I am now trying to give them a call.

Please let me know if you receive it.

PS: I am never gonna use binance from now. Horrible experience!!!

Binance seems to have a issue with keeping their wallet synced to the network, it goes down often for withdraws and deposits when they start getting a lot of traffic.

I’ve done plenty of deposits and withdraws from binance, many times the transaction does not appear for a while, other times it appears right away. My best advice would be to wait it out and check the wallet status page, contact their support if you get worried, but I’ve done that and never gotten a response, eventually though the transaction comes through.


Hi Jojantonio, I have exactly the same. yesterday morning I transferred 1600 ada from bittrex to binance. in the Explorer it has arrived but in binance still 0. you have already received it in your binance? I am also not reacted by binance

No luck. It’s frustrating. Did you get yours resolve?

Bittrex is open and they have processed the full queue. Binance however has not yet updated the wallet. You should be able to see the tx on the explorer if Bittrex made the tx.

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It has been 4 days. No udpate. Anyone else got their deposit?

Do you have an idea when will they update their wallets? Still to reply from support

No still waiting on Binance support. It’s been 3 days for me. It’d be nice if Binance release a statement regarding the issue and they’re working on it

I just received my ADA in Binance after 5 days. You will also get it. But unfortunately ada price has dropped 30% since then. I wish I could sue them