The Binance deposit problem

To follow up on the issue of missing deposits I tried another test deposit from Bittrex to Binance, to the same deposit address which went through within minutes.

I still do not have access to my first deposit of 6169.8 ADA but the 1.8 went through within minutes.

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I was able to get a reply from support with a new support ticket with attached screenshot of the explorer showing the two deposits, I was advised the missing coins will be credited to my account within 7 days.

Anyone having the same issue, I recommend you try this.


Thanks for this post, very helpful :+1:

It is strange activity, isn’t it?

No luck here. Sent a second email with screenshots and no reply and ticket id and still no reply.

Is your support ticket still marked as open? I found mine were being closed automatically and marked as solved unless I replied to the generic support email.
The support person who spoke with me said they had a back log of tickets, so I may have been lucky to get a quick reply.

My coins have finally gone through, I can sleep again.
Good luck to others still waiting, hopefully yours are not far behind.

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Mine went through! They must have fixed the issue. Thank God.

i have noticed that in all of the outgoing withdrawals from the exchanges that there is one big withdrawal, followed by my small one. It thought it was only me, but looking at your link above it seems its the same pattern.

Also that 1 million + ada just seems to be moving from address to address. What is that all about?