I almost just lost 32,800 ada

I messed up the copy/pasting of the deposit address sending over 32000 ada from my daedalus wallet to binance. Are these coins totally lost to some non existent address or can they be recovered?

This was non-existant address it was “sent” to. I’m not sure where the first part came from as it is added to the correct address. The second grouping was the correct address as copied from Binance.



Any hope you can provide is appreciated as this is devestatingly hard to accept.

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Address DdzFFzCqrht2WGPoQ93WdsiUfwFDFrXGu79xzEDhggv7WtDM4QGZocgP3FRS23VHyuZvdNakypSbSHPnhZrDSjKbCX8CdHFx7SJz4BCg still seems to have 32,890 in it. Take a look at https://cardanoexplorer.com/address/DdzFFzCqrht2WGPoQ93WdsiUfwFDFrXGu79xzEDhggv7WtDM4QGZocgP3FRS23VHyuZvdNakypSbSHPnhZrDSjKbCX8CdHFx7SJz4BCg

Or am I reading it wrong?

So happy if this is true. According to your link, yes I see the amount there, but how do I get it back into my wallet or sent to where it was originally going? My wallet doesn’t show the amount. Thank you for getting me this far.

I really don’t know… If you try searching for the incorrect address (DdzFFzCqrhsfKHGeWcoJFYmKUkPaGMcEH7oEAZoYvKrhgqk18g8y5j3BEFvJ5qWdzg7Z8jjxCdzwd3KhP5TTx5XtLd1NJxEa1nMsns2TDdzFFzCqrht2WGPoQ93WdsiUfwFDFrXGu79xzEDhggv7WtDM4QGZocgP3FRS23VHyuZvdNakypSbSHPnhZrDSjKbCX8CdHFx7SJz4BCg) you will see the address doesn’t exit: https://cardanoexplorer.com/address/DdzFFzCqrhsfKHGeWcoJFYmKUkPaGMcEH7oEAZoYvKrhgqk18g8y5j3BEFvJ5qWdzg7Z8jjxCdzwd3KhP5TTx5XtLd1NJxEa1nMsns2TDdzFFzCqrht2WGPoQ93WdsiUfwFDFrXGu79xzEDhggv7WtDM4QGZocgP3FRS23VHyuZvdNakypSbSHPnhZrDSjKbCX8CdHFx7SJz4BCg

Now probably the coins you tried to send will be sent back to your wallet after some not succeeded confirmations I think. I really don’t have any idea for what happens… Sorry and good luck!

There are over 189 confirmations already… hope some start rejecting it so maybe (as you said) they may bump the funds back to the wallet.

Do you think I should open a thread in technical for support or just wait it out?

Now I understood. Keep calm. Your ADA probably will appear at Binance soon. I think you sent it right, you just need to wait a little for it appearing at Binance. Binance is very slow to confirm deposits, it says 15 confirmations but mine took like 200, some people take 500 confirmations. The problem is at Binance confirmation speed.

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Thanks for responding and hope. I did end up posting on technical hoping for help there too. Hopefully they will not be upset with my double post. Much appreciated.

Yay! The funds managed to arrive into my Binance account, just as you said, despite my mess up. Thanks again.


I’m happy for you! I think the second part of the address didn’t count. :slight_smile:

So glad for you, folks be careful out there, check your addresses. In the future Imagine systems will get built in to ensure this is much harder to get address wrong but until then, be careful.

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@Paddington You better not be selling :wink: Just kidding. Glad it worked out for you! All the best.


Woo! glad to hear it worked out!

Good thing there are people who help you about this, it also happen to me, i almost lost my mind, i just waited long before the confirmation

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Long term hold me. Why sell the golden eggs?


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but seriously, dont sell haha

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Good to hear your didn’t loose anything! May I suggest editing the title of this post to: I almost just lost 32000 Ada (many people might only read the title and assume it’s the fault of the cardano technology)

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