Ada recovery help

I started inquiring for help in the beginners thead… hoping someone here can help.

I deposited 32890 ADA to an invalid address attempting to send from my Daedalus wallet to Binance. The second half of the invalid address included the correct address. Someone on the beginners thead showed me that the ADA are shown with the correct address on cardanoexplorer. My wallet shows the funds have been withdrawn. The funds are not in my Binance account.

incorrect address

correct address

According to my wallet the transaction has over 200 confirmations. On cardanoexplorer the transaction number is said to be invalid.

Are these funds lost or will they find there way back to the Daedalus wallet? Is there anything I can do, other than kick myself for not being more careful?

The funds arrived into my Binance account despite my mess up with the addresses. Issue resolved.