Not receiving ada from a withdrawal but have adress and tx

A few days ago i sent some ada from binance to daedalus like i did many times before.
The problem is that i never received my ada and they are gone from binance.
On binance its saying "completed " but i did not received any email about this transaction saying that it was a “successful transaction” like thay always send.
I have the daedalus adress and the tx from binance.
can i show it here so maybe someone could help me to know what happened to my ada.

Hey @MarkCar

Are you sure you sent the ada to a shelley address?

Does your receiving address starts with addr1?


Check ur daedalus address on and check if u see the transaction





what do u guys see

what amount did u sent?
~19k ADA on 22 Feb?

Capture d’écran 2021-03-02 à 07.39.18

this is the transaction i never received

That’s because ADA didn’t left the exchange yet, I don’t see that amount in the transaction ID provided by you

As u said, you should receive an email for confirmation, did you searched it in spam or in another folder? how it’s looking the transaction in binance if you go to transactions history?


well when i wemt to transaction history its saying completed .
and ada are gone.
i tought that i might have used the wrong network
could it be possible ?

click on transaction history (can’t u see details)… did u choose for another network like BEP… or Cardano network?

i am kinna used to binance so i would be surprised i would have picked another network…but we all make mistake dont know where to look at to see if i used another network. on the other hand that binance had a bug to transfer my 8000 ada i would be surprised. fault is probably on my side

on tx id this is what i got Transaction ea7e1ce8ab4a260b582bfd66a026685ba2094131aa0837f054e2cdc3eaf8000e - Cardanoscan

Capture d’écran 2021-03-02 à 08.23.20

can you click on transaction ID? like on bellow example

OK, contact binance and tell them that your ADA withdrawal was not included in this block…

They should be able to check


Thanks for helping !

hope they get back to me

yes, they will give you back don’t worry. ADA were not burned so… there should be somewhere

Thanks a lot from Montreal canada

Last question.
What would be the best way to contact them do u have a link
or i open a ticket ?
And for us