Missing ADA deposit at Binance.com


Please, I just need an advice. On 18. December 2017, my friend sent me 2 500 pcs of ADA from his Binance account to my Binance account.

Transaction ID:

My ADA wallet for deposit at Binance:

But I still see 0 ADA from this transaction at my Binance account.

Is the problem at Binance or is something bad with the transaction at Cardano network?

Thank you!


Umm I never tried depositing from one Binance account to another Binance account…

Perhaps Binance mistaken this is an internal transfer instead? Since the transaction is on the chain, it shouldn’t be a Cardano network issue. I would try contacting support on Binance

Same thing happened to me. On 01/06/2087 my friend transferred ADA from Bittrex to my address in Binance. The transaction is shown complete but I cant see my balance in Binance. I have sent several emails to Binance support,no response. I am now trying to give them a call.

Please let me know if you received it and when? How long did it take?

PS: I am never gonna use binance from now. Horrible experience!!!

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Same here. I deposited from my Daedalus to Binance and it still has not arrived? Cardano explorer shows it went through. Can someone assist or provide an update?



Hey guys, I’ve been using Binance since ADA got listed, Binance seems to have a syncing issue with their wallets on a few tokens. Often they’ll disable deposits or withdraws.

Your transaction has been sent to Binance, it will arrive late because of THEIR syncing issue. Please be patent. They have had this issue before I’ve been caught in it myself.

Hi All, I am having the same issue. I sent ADA from Daedulus to Binance about 36Hrs ago and it still has not arrived though it has 5000+ confirmations. Has anyone found a resolution? No help yet from Binance support.

It has been 4 days.No update. Anyone else got their deposit?

Not yet, but I did get a reply from support advising my coins will be credited to my account within 7 days.
What I did was send another small deposit to the same address this morning (which went through to my account) while my original deposit still is not available through my account.
I opened a new support ticket with this information and a new screenshot of the explorer showing both deposits and received a reply a few minutes later.

wow at least you got a reply. im STILL waiting on 10000 coins to dep into binance. they have ignored me for 4 days now. :frowning:

Try opening a new ticket if your others have been marked as solved, and reply to the email they send with your screenshot of the transactions, it kept the ticket open until I received a reply.

3 tickets being ignored. talked to binance angel yesterday and apparently team working with cardano guys now… or that was 12 hours ago. haha oh jeez. they must have fixed bittrex dep as they are going through fast right now.


I just received my ADA in Binance after 5 days. You will also get it. But unfortunately ada price has dropped 30% since then. I wish I could sue them

I also just received my ADA after 3 days! Though the opportunity i wanted to grab is now gone. But I am sure another one will come.