ADA withdrawal from Binance to Bitforex not arrived

Hi, hoping someone can help me. I withdrew some ada from Binance to Bitforex about 5 hours ago, and have the TXID and key in my Binance transaction history. The key has been check and is accurate, and it was transferred properly as ADA. It shows on my Binance as “completed”, yet is still not in Bitforex. Is this possible? Have i been scammed? Surely if i can verify that i sent to and from the correct address etc i should be entitled to my ADA?

Any help appreciated.


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The same happened to me, I sent all the addresses to bitforex support about 20h ago, no answer yet.
I just checked and the option to deposit Ada is no longer available.

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Thats pretty concerning. Surely there is a way we can fix it? I wonder who we need to speak to about this.


Did you send it as ADA on the Cardano chain or as wrapped ADA on the BSC chain?

The best way to trace this is to get the transaction id provided by Binance and look it up in the relevant block explorer.

Until Binance can provide you with a transaction id and you can find it in the relevant explorer, this is a Binance issue.

It was sent as ADA on the cardano chain, and i do have a transaction ID from binance. It would appear from some further research that Bitforex has now removed the ADA deposit option from their website since this morning, which suggests to me its a known issue. My hope is that they fix the issue and it will still be there. Correct me if im wrong, but surely as long as ive sent it to the right address it will 100% be there, right? Really hoping its just an issue in showing the amount on the screen and not that i have been scammed in some way.


Can you see the transaction if you enter the id in ? Is the destination address correct? If you can answer “yes” to both, then it is a problem at the receiving end.

Yes and yes. I can see it there and the address is correct. I am 100% sure its a problem at the Bitforex end. Is it possible i will lose this money even if i sent it to the correct address?


Your coins are with the exchange. The exchange can still screw you.

Exchanges are the weak point of the whole crypto ecosystem. They can be hacked, they can exit scam, they can refuse to return your funds to you etc etc. As long as none of that happens your coins are safe.

Fingers crossed i guess. Thanks for the information.



It happened the same to me from Kraken to Bitforex 12h ago. They removed ADA from deposit options. This make me think they have some internal issues. I am sure they will fix them and the deposit will be done. They only have to see the blockchain again and set the amounts.

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Hi guys,

I received response from Bitforex. It is just a matter of time to be fixed. No worries about loosing any money.

Dear user,

The ADA(Cardano) deposit and withdrawal will temporarily be suspended due to an internal wallet maintenance.

Your deposit will be credited after the maintenance completed.

Please stay tuned to the latest announcement for the detailed resumption time.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards,
BitForex Customer Service Team


Great news, thanks for this update Mario.


Except this has been down since yesterday afternoon. Damn poor service if you ask me…but then no one is.

I have just received ADA deposit on Bitforex. It took almost 48h.

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