Withdrawal from binance to Yoroi


I’ve withdrawn my Ada from binance to my yoroi Shelley wallet. Everything was correct but the withdrawal is still marked as processing even tho it’s been 2h30. (0/300 confirmations)
I’ve contacted binance throught their chat but no response yet.
Anything I can do?

Thanks in advance.

Do you see the transaction on the blockchain (explorer)? Exchange engine processing might take some time - my last transfer from Bitpanda took 20h to settle…

No I can’t see it, it’s written transaction not found
Everything was correct tho.

Can you confirm the recipient’s address does exist/is correct?

Yes my wallet address was correct, I’ve checked it

Then you might want to get in touch with Binance support again… :slightly_frowning_face:


Did u confimed the transaction ? I know u should receive an email from binance in order to confirm it… did u received it? If yes then u should wait probably binance delayed the transaction…

Did u chose cardano network right?


I reached a guy from binance support, said that I can’t see my transaction on explorer because I don’t have any confirmation yet and if I don’t have one in 48 hours my transaction will be rejected and my coins will be available on binance again.

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Yes I chose cardano mainnet, and I did a verification with my phone and email.

Then wait… probably binance again delayed the transactions and they have right… the funds will be redirected back in ur wallet if no confirmations received…

Yeah, it’s still 0/300 confirmations. I’ll wait then… Thank you for your answer

Once again withdrawals are disabled…

sometimes I think binance does it on purpose

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Im not going to comment your post :sweat_smile:

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That’s maybe why it’s not processing. Will it affect the transaction? It should resume afterwards, right?

I guess so yes.

Hey there, I have the same problem, but Binance marked my ADA withdrawl as COMPLETED. When opening up the details I also see: No Transaction found.
Another strange thing I realised when opening the Binance details is that the balance of the operation is 0 instead of 36k ADA. Will it be transferred back to me after 48h if no TX is found, even if Binance changed the status to completed already 36h ago?
Of course I used mainnet address and Cardano chain for the operation and the address is correct.

We cant help you out here. You have to contact Binance support in that case.

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

If the transaction has confirmations… then ADA were sent to daedalus.

Probably u must wait more time