BINANCE TO YOROI (not processing)

I tried sending may ADA from Binance to Yoroi and it has been 4hrs now the transaction is still processing in Binance and the ADA is not yet appearing in my Yoroi wallet. I doubled check the address and all are in order and correct. Can someone help me on this . I’m a bit worried now.

It can take some time as Binance does not execute the transaction immediately. They have internal rules when they execute a transaction, like combining several transactions to save costs, add buffer time to be able to cancel it in case something’s odd happening, etc… Everything should be fine.

Got it! I was a bit skeptic since my first transactions took me only 20mins to reflect in Yoroi. Thanks friend.

Np. Let us know once the transaction comes through.

In case you are new to crypto please read here about storing recovery phrases safely. People lose everything because of that, like taking screenshots of the phrase, keeping it in Evernote, onenote, etc…

Many use hardware wallets or don’t use wallets at all but for the large amount of funds which they HODL they use private keys on offline machines (req. some linux knowledge)… as if the computer gets infected and the spending password is compromised, an attacker may still steal everything.