My ADA was s stolen from Yoroi Shelley Wallet

The support still doesn’t answer , I don’t know what to do.

Me either I am completely shattered.

I reported it to the FBI but honestly I think we are screwed.

I will never use cryptocurrency again and I will tell everyone I can not to use it.

I believed in it so much but in the end someone can just take it and no one cares about all of your time and hard work investing in them.

Bro I had 4K ada. Im completely fucked. I don’t know how this could happen , I thought this wallet was safe. And the support still don’t answer .

I had 4019 ADA as well. They just sent me this bullshit

if someone has gotten a hold of your Payment password, or of your 24 word passphrase they can transfer this crypto.

Maybe they got it through malware, keyloggers, or from somewhere you saved it in a file…
check back to see what could be the case.

In a decentralized system the user is responsible for keeping the tokens safe. That applies to all cryptocurrencies, not just Cardano.
Unfortunately, the support will not be able to retrieve the tokens as nothing can be done. Transactions cannot be rolled back as no one can alter the chain.

That’s why some people are using hardware wallets or more secure options to interact with the network.

I see it like this:

  • Tokens at an exchange wallet > Least secure
  • Tokens in local wallet > more security if we are aware of how to minimize the chance of the computer getting infected
  • Hardware wallet > more security
  • Transactions through CLI while having private keys encrypted on an offline machine where the transactions are signed > most secure

There are also multiple ways of storing the recovery phrases. From keeping it on a hard drive (least secure) to splitting it into multiple chunks and keeping it at different locations (see RAID 5, 6).

Crypto is still a new technology and we must be well informed before investing considerable amounts of money and energy into it.

I think this post explains it nicely:

I’m really sorry for you and I can imagine how you are feeling. If you have any energy left try to research how that might have happened, whether your computers are infected, as if they are it may not stop by stealing just the crypto. Think of bank accounts, personal data, etc…


This shit fucked up

I had the same issue, my staked ADA would despaired right in front of my eyes nobody got back to me… I got tired of waiting and I tried to send my 20,000 Cardano to stake them there…Never got there, it was pending for days… Unfortatly, my fear got the best of me and I trusted a fake Atomic wallet and gave them my seeds …I know better, but at that point I was not thinking .I lost everything in that wallet… Cardano, has horrible customer service and this is not my first time I have problems, with their service…Im not buying until they fix this issues…

That’s a lot of ADA. :dizzy_face: Sorry for your lost.

I have to agree with you on this. Thank you for your answer here. It is a lesson learned for me. A way too expensive one but at least I know now. I downloaded McAfee security VPN for my phone, changed all my passwords, and only use DuckDuckGo browser now so hopefully that is enough to keep whoever out of my personal info.

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It’s my first time to jump into cardano, then earlier I also asked for babyalien drop, but this is what happened. I haven’t received a reward because the transaction had an error.

Please help me,

and got these notification on yoroi receive


Your reward address holds your rewards and is used to validate any changes to your delegation preference

You cannot send ADA to reward addresses, but we show it for personal auditing purposes

thanks before guys…

[quote=“Siglad, post:22, topic:76007, full:true”]Cardano, has horrible customer service and this is not my first time I have problems, with their service…Im not buying until they fix this issues…

Cardano is an ecosystem, not a service provider. You are a participant, not a customer buying a finished product.

I’m sorry you had to learn the hard way – this sort of lapse in judgement can happen to any of us, really.

But please always make sure you are fully aware of the fundamentals of anything you want to invest in, before doing so. Too many people on here don’t seem to get that in a decentralised system, there is --by definition-- no central authority to refund them when they make a mistake…



Hey Ghostwheel,
it sad to here newbies getting burned in the crypto space, but by its very nature the responsibility is on the user to know what they are doing before they do it. Its like going swimming at the lake but never taking lessons to swim.


Bro what should I do , I hodled my ada in the Yoroi wallet , like a lot of other people doing , I still don’t know how I got hacked, no one knew my seed phrase

If you own more than 1k in crypto you should invest in a Ledger Nano X. So far I have not seen a Ledger fail to protect users.


In case you suspect the computer is infected I’d suggest an operating system reinstallation.

If you weren’t using a Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet, then I’m sorry. Getting into crypto, you should have done research on how to protect yourself.

Your 1 and 2 least secure rankings come with a lot of caveats and could go either way imo. 1 depends on the exchange. 2 depends on how aware people are of minimizing infection, as well as how safely they store seeds and passwords. I think exchanges have better opsec than most people with local software wallets. Of course using an exchange requires some basic personal opsec too like using a 2fa app for login and withdrawals. Basically people should go with 3 or 4.


It was on my iPhone. I changed all of my passwords, upgraded to iOS 15, and installed Mcafee plus always using VPN. Do you think I need to do more? How would I reinstall an operating system on iPhone 7?

A VPN shouldn’t be necessary, because a Yoroi node to the Cardano network, to which the wallet connects, doesn’t see your private keys. Might be even safe if it is transferred unencrypted, because you sign all messages locally. But I guess a malicious Yoroi node could display a wrong balance.

Also for the Electrum wallet for Bitcoin, which uses a similar concept with a light-weight wallet, it was possible for criminals to steal $22 million by sending a fake update message, if the user then installed the new compromised wallet software (I personally know someone who did this, and lost about $1000 in Bitcoin).

I think the safest software wallet is Daedalus, because it connects directly to the Cardano network. If I would have a large amount of Ada, I would probably even run it on a dedicated PC, or use a hardware wallet, which can’t be compromised by malicious software.

So the most likely scenarios are that your seed phrase was stolen, or that you have malware on your iPhone. McAfee can’t find all malware. It is unlikely that it is in well known apps, like Facebook or Discord, but it might be in one of these free crappy mobile games, or other small app. I would recommend to delete all unnecessary apps, backup your iPhone data, then do a factory reset of your iPhone, and then restore from the backup. This is still not 100% safe, if the malware managed to install itself in deeper layers (maybe the Pegasus spyware would survive it, but ordinary criminals can’t buy it), but should delete most malware.

Would be interesting to know if you transferred some Ada before the incident. How safe is your password to the wallet? If it was malware, then it could have stolen the wallet and cracked the password offline. Or more sophisticated malware could have installed a keylogger to capture the password when you transferred some Ada. Same is true for wallets on the PC.

Last possibility is that someone found a bug in the Cardano blockchain itself, or the software. But this is very unlikely, because otherwise it would be all over the news.

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