ADA Missing/Stolen? Help

Hi There,i was getting Error on Yoroi: Staking key isn’t registered, so you won’t get rewards
so i went to Settings > Wallet > re-sync wallet. and now i don’t see my ADA in my wallet.
i can see a transaction in the wallet as Sent. please help


Two and a half hours ago, someone claimed your rewards, deregistered your stake key and took the 2 ADA deposit:

And two minutes later transferred everything including your rewards in the transaction you posted the ID of:

And they already began transferring them in chunks to other addresses:

DdzFF… are old Byron-style addresses, often used by exchanges, so I would assume that they are cashing out.

I’m very sorry, but if that wasn’t you, I don’t think there is much you can do other than finding out how it could happen (but that won’t reverse the transaction).

so it’s all Stolen? a few days back i staked to BLOOM after that i just checked today and saw that error and tried to sync it. and its 0 now.

Yes, unfortunately there is nothing left in the account/wallet that you posted:

Yes, the stake pool change on December 8th can also be seen, there. But staking cannot have anything to do with hacked wallets. Stake pools do not get any access to the funds.

They must have gotten your credentials in some way: Malware on one of the devices you use, some kind of access to the seed phrase, …