My ADA was s stolen from Yoroi Shelley Wallet

I logged into my Yoroi Shelley wallet today and all of my staked ADA was stolen. There is a transaction from last night that I did not make sending it all to another address. I messaged support but they haven’t gotten back to me yet. I was wondering if there is anything else I can do?


Sorry for your lost ADA :frowning:
the transaction can be canceled… you must investigate now how can it was possible

Hi, @Jeff_Hill

I am really sorry to hear about what happened. It would be advisable to create a new wallet.

PS: I have deleted the other post where you repeat these same words. Please keep everything related to this issue in this post.

Same Probleme here .
I hodled my ada for like 1 month on my Yoroi wallet . Yesterday I wanted to take a look at my wallet and my Ada was gone . my balance is at 0 and there is a transaction I didn’t did. This problem need to be resolved ,I want my ada to come back

Can you share your addresses or transaction ids, just to check if the transactions went to the same place.

Share it like text…

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There are two transactions. This one and one more:

My balance is at 0 now . I don’t know where my ada is gone , I don’t know the adress that received my ada.I hope the support can help me



Transaction ID


:confused: Sorry but I don’t know what you can do at this point to get back the tokens. Please research if there’s any possibility to report that to the authorities in your country.

You can track those transactions through Cardanoscan and see where the tokens will go further. There is a high chance they will end up at some exchange or will be used for staking. If at an exchange maybe that can be reported :confused:

It’s too late now, but try to research how that might have happened, whether your devices are infected, whether there was a chance the recovery phrase was stolen, if you downloaded the wallets from trusted sources…

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Thanks for your help

The support still doesn’t answer , I don’t know what to do.

Me either I am completely shattered.

I reported it to the FBI but honestly I think we are screwed.

I will never use cryptocurrency again and I will tell everyone I can not to use it.

I believed in it so much but in the end someone can just take it and no one cares about all of your time and hard work investing in them.

Bro I had 4K ada. Im completely fucked. I don’t know how this could happen , I thought this wallet was safe. And the support still don’t answer .

I had 4019 ADA as well. They just sent me this bullshit

if someone has gotten a hold of your Payment password, or of your 24 word passphrase they can transfer this crypto.

Maybe they got it through malware, keyloggers, or from somewhere you saved it in a file…
check back to see what could be the case.

In a decentralized system the user is responsible for keeping the tokens safe. That applies to all cryptocurrencies, not just Cardano.
Unfortunately, the support will not be able to retrieve the tokens as nothing can be done. Transactions cannot be rolled back as no one can alter the chain.

That’s why some people are using hardware wallets or more secure options to interact with the network.

I see it like this:

  • Tokens at an exchange wallet > Least secure
  • Tokens in local wallet > more security if we are aware of how to minimize the chance of the computer getting infected
  • Hardware wallet > more security
  • Transactions through CLI while having private keys encrypted on an offline machine where the transactions are signed > most secure

There are also multiple ways of storing the recovery phrases. From keeping it on a hard drive (least secure) to splitting it into multiple chunks and keeping it at different locations (see RAID 5, 6).

Crypto is still a new technology and we must be well informed before investing considerable amounts of money and energy into it.

I think this post explains it nicely:

I’m really sorry for you and I can imagine how you are feeling. If you have any energy left try to research how that might have happened, whether your computers are infected, as if they are it may not stop by stealing just the crypto. Think of bank accounts, personal data, etc…