Yoroi Wallet Hacked?

I opened my yoroi wallet today to notice that practically all of my ADA had been sent to an unknown address. A significant amount. I did not authorize a transaction. It has been a few weeks since I added funds and staked them in the waller and I have not even opened the wallet for several days. The transaction occurred yesterday . I am using an Iphone app. Is there anything I can do? The transaction is still showing in red. Does that mean it has not totally gone through yet? Is there a way to freeze a transaction on my end? I have all the transaction information. I have emailed support and have not heard back. Help!

If the transaction has been confirmed by the network, there is nothing you can do anymore.

Your seedphrase has probably been compromised in someway so the scammer had access to your funds…

Im sorry for you but the funds are gone.

Hey, I’m experiencing this too… I wonder how scammer can actually access the wallet e.g. I use Yoroi, then conduct a transaction, sent to other address, without knowing the spending passwords. Please some one assist on this one.