Missing ADA Yoroi Wallet

Guys got some Ada missing at my Yoroi wallet …Trying to contact support no luck
I had Ada for staking and than cant see them any more ,only few left .Got transaction address but i haven’t done this transfer .Not sure what to do next any help would be great !

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Where did u delegated the wallet? To which pool?

I have delegated to (ST3AK) Steak and ADA …
Bloody hell still nothing …

Yoroi wallet

I have sent Ada for staking to Steak and ADA a month ago ,two weeks ago there was a transaction that I don’t know most of ADA transferred few like 18 coins still left :((( I am not really sure what’s happened ,can’t get any info from anyone …
I am worried that someone took 5000 coins from me ,and I don’t know how ! Especially that coins were staking not in the wallet …

This is the transaction not done by me while the coins where a staking …

Man, this need to stop, all those people who woke up with empty yoroi mist have something in common… but what?


Do you think its all.lost ? Cant get support yet still.waiting :((((

Yeah, sorry for your lost… but what kind of applications did un installed… somehow your PC was hacked…

We must find that app

Shit not good then

To b honest i am bit concern about Yoroi wallet ,i have got coins on other wallets luna ,matic etc,… no issues .I am really pissed off with the loss ,and i cant really see my fault
My passwords are secure , i keep my Macbook clean.
Its been almost 7 days not even one email from Yoroi support .
I can see quite few people with the same issues ,makes you wonder …Greg

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Ok, so in your opinion how do u think it was possible?

Hey Greada…
First I am sorry for your Loss, the Theft of YOUR property. This is REALLY Sad, Sick and Serious news. I myself was seriously wanting to Stake my ADA like yourself, and make a little extra also. I did some research and learned it was supossed to be VERY SAFE to do. Then I aquired a Ledger Nano X, and was inquiring about the 3 different Cardano wallets, well, that I’ve learned about, the Yoroi, Daedalus, and AdaLite… I got a little concerned about the use of the 10, 12, and 15 word Mnemonics, which, AND THIS IS ONLY.MY HUMBLE OPINION, I’d imagine a Hacker could write and execute a RWG (Random Word Generator) like they do with RNG (Numbers) and of course Passwords, (Letters, numbers and symbols)… But I’d also imagine that after 3 atrempts, BAM, they’d immediately LOCK THE WALLET, and either use a time delay and/or some positive way for the user to identity himself as the actual owner, before unlocking access to the funds again… All of this is pure speculation on my part. But I am HORRIFIED to think that Yoroi hasn’t given you ANY RESPONSE? WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THEM? As soon as I read this, I will NEVER deal with ANY company who is so blatently uncaring, inattentive entive, irresponsible… Its possible they are corrupt and/or negligent here as well. If it smells like a Rat, its usually not a Rabbit… I also am surprised there aren’t more Pros on here giving you assistance and advice… I’m a total NOOB and can’t offer you anymore than my personal educated guesses, sympathy and a prayer that SOMEBODY with some level of Authority and with INTEGRITY heeds your queries for help and Investigates with Intensity and Tenacity, stopping at NOTHING until this is FULLY Resolved to your complete satisfaction! I’d help if I could. Please don’t stop “pounding on their doors” until they respond.
Well, I wish the Best of Luck to You!!! I hope you’ll keep us posted here about your situation… The entire Crypto community should be aware and alarmed, Especially if Yoroi continues to ignore you!!
PS - is this something that your local police or prosecutors have a dept in place for cyber crimes, where you may get some assistance or answers from them as well?

Thanks for your message LollyGee ,you right its all very suspicious … Still no news from yoroi or stake pool where the cons were staked .
If by any chance my password s were stolen i would have issue with other wallets as i keep passwords all in one place .Very strange that only yoroi wallet was empty…Its a shock to the system to loose that amount of money ,i have maded bad decisions to stake cardano thur yoroi walled .I had my coins sitting on the exchange for many years with no problems …i think i have learn my lesson and have to move on …just pissed off with yoroi silence .I have reach out to them thur all possible channels.Today is a 7 days and still no news from them …

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Scam ?Scam ?

No need to contact the stake pool as they can’t do anything. The SPO never got anything related to your wallet. The delegation is just a signed certificate on the blockchain that says “Address XYZ confirms that stake pool XYZ may include the total number of my tokens in their total delegation amount (just numbers, not real tokens)”. Based on the total number of “delegated” tokens the pool might produce a block and earn rewards for its delegators.

I think the word “delegation” is totally misleading here, as when saying “delegation” people usually expect they are giving away something.

Do you think your spending password was random enough so it’s less likely it could have been attacked with a brute force dictionary attack?

I hope you’ll be able to figure out what happened :neutral_face:

No idea i have run every possible antivirus software thur my pc can see any issues … Looks like more people on the same boat ,i recon somehow i was hacked or …god knows …

It’s Yoroi.
That is the common denominator.
I got hacked moving money into Yoroi from Coinbase.
The proof is right there in the transaction addresses.
I tried working with Coinbase, Ledger and Yoroi. Nothing and a good bit of my money is gone.

I’m assuming you don’t use a hardware wallet ? Do you store your seed and / or password on your computer ?

With your hardware wallet it doesn’t matter what wallet you use because it is the same seed phrase and pin code. The wallets are just a means of accessing your coin on the blockchain.