Transferred My cardano from another Platform to Binance, Not received even after hours

Hi, before i begin, i just want to give a disclaimer that I’m new to the whole Crypto-stuffs.

So, last night, i tried to send some of my ADA coins to another platform. Typed the right adress, and it even shows as ‘Succeeded’ in that platform but i haven’t got any notification from binance, it’s been 13 hours now, should i be worried?

This is my ADA adress in binance :


it says coins will be deposited after 300 networks, what does this mean? should i be worried about this?

i haven’t got any notification from Binance so far, not even any pending transaction. And the customer service are no help in both platforms. So i might need to seek help from experts here, thank you.

Hey @ronan_lee

You probably better contact Binance in that case because we cant do anything here. But if they transaction has been confirmed by the network, they should have received the funds if you typed the address corretly.


hi! thank you so much for the fast reply, Zyroxa :), really appreciate that!

So what should i type to them? because i haven’t got any replies from binance live-chat.

Doublecheck again if you sent your funds to the correct receiving address of Binance and if its correct, ask them why you dont see your funds eventhough the deposit has been confirmed by the network already.

it is indeed correct ! i searched it on blockchair and it says i still have 0 ADA received and spent in the address.

Could it be because of the different currencies that both platforms use? my old platform uses IDR to buy/sell coins and Binance uses USDT.

Been trying to contact the customer service, but so far no luck. they have not responded for 8 hours.

What other platform did you use?

no that doesnt matter.

Halo @ronan_lee ,

First, welcome to Cardano Forum. Before answering your question, I am curious with these stuff:

  • Did you transfer your ADA from one exchange (for example: Indodax) to Binance Indonesia?
  • Or did you transfer your ADA from Daedalus/Yoroi/Adalite wallet to Binance?

Thank you.

it is ‘Indodax’ i had tried to transfer my BNB coins to Binance from this platform and the transaction itself was smooth.

(My BNB holding is way much bigger than ADA, so i thought about transferring all of my other coins to Binance)

Then i tried to transfer My ADA and this happened.

My Transaction on Indodax shows that it has been approved and completed, so i think the problem might be on binance?

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Do you have the Transaction ID right (you should get it from Indodax when you transfer your ADA to Binance)? Try to e-mail Binance support team and attach that Transaction ID and e-mail from Indodax. Hope it helps.

It might be that Binance process it quite slow or they do stop deposit/withdrawal of ADA at the end of each epoch for maintenance or whatever it is.

Hi! Thank you for the warm welcome! :slight_smile: And thank you for taking your time to review my issue.

I will answer your question(s) :

  1. I indeed transferred my ADA from Indodax to Binance (I don’t know if it’s Binance Indonesia or not) But i suppose it is because i live in Indonesia.

So yes, i transferred My ADA from one exchange to another

yep! i got the TX Number (or ID) . And i already tried to show them to Binance Customer support but they haven’t replied!

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Ok, thanks informasinya. Biasanya si Binance emang suka stop deposit/withdrawal ADA kalau uda deket2 akhir setiap epoch (alasannya maintenance). End of the epochnya kemarin. Jadi kurang lebih mereka biasanya baru proses bisa deposit/withdrawal per hari ini. Seharusnya ticket complaint nya nanti diproses sama teamnya. Sabar aja, bisa makan waktu 48 jam sampe seminggu kelihatannya.

Kenapa tidak menggunakan cold wallet aja (Ledger Nano S / Trezor) atau simpan Cardano ADA nya di Yoroi/Daedalus/Adalite wallet?

Mungkin bisa baca artikel2 berikut :indonesia: Tutorial About Cardano / Panduan Mengenai Cardano [English/Bahasa Indonesia]

Terima kasih untuk penjelasannya! Sangat membantu! :slight_smile: , Sebenarnya saya hanya ingin memastikan apakah koin saya tetap aman / tidak. Kalau memang nantinya koin saya akan di depositkan , tidak jadi masalah, saya akan coba kontak lagi customer service Binance.

Untuk Penggunaan Cold Wallet sendiri, saya masih belum paham, akan saya pelajari setelah ini!

Coba masukin Transaction ID nya ke Cardano Explorer (klik link ini)

Kalau disitu uda sukses kekirim ke address nya Binance, berarti sudah masuk ke Binance: DdzFFzCqrhsx5XB1Toi1nKwRaND4zJyjwUbq4udrU8ZnaAx2bcgYT6eAUJJ12hjdmycuMAzjYDPX2xxLZxESWWD8imMMmbsg8mwiAeBh

Tinggal menunggu respons dari Binance Support Team saja @ronan_lee . Terima kasih.

hi, sepertinya belum masuk ya? soalnya tidak ada transaksi ditemukan di explorer cardano.

Kalau begitu apa saya harus khawatir?

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