Possible lost ADA

I was transferring my ADA from Binance to my Deadolus wallet. I copied the address from the wallet keys to have ADA sent and pasted it into the send address; a wallet stored on my account popped up as a stored reference. I didn’t select it and proceeded to finish up the information to complete the transaction.

After it was sent nothing showed up within my wallet. So I checked the transaction and Cardano scan… the address was not the same as the copied address. It turned out to be the same wallet that I would send ADA to deposit it within the account (for Binance)

I am not sure what to do and am seeing if anyone has had this oddity of a problem…?

The coins have not been sent/restored to the account in which the coins were sent. I don’t know how else to describe what happened. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Did u used cardano network right?
But as I know u should receive a confirmation email from binace… did u received it?


Hey @BishupZ1

This really sounds like a problem where you definitly have to contact the Binance support team.


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Yes I did use Cardano network

Yeah I did receive the email from Binance too.

When it happened?
U probably should wait more time, but meantime u should contact binance support team;

I did some backtracking and the ADA receiving address was to my Daedalus wallet, but the address was active in July; the new address system has been updated with the multi address listing.

Here is the block scan

What can I do this was a descent amount of money that just went to somewhere, and the aspect of Binance doing anything past a transaction confirmation is null and void.

It’s ok, it is a shelley address which is good; do u had another wallet? Could be possible?


I am sure you probably understand what I said prior, but I just want to make sure I said it clearly…

So the address for the ADA to be sent to was to my wallet address used over last summer. I ha e found multiple deposits before and after July 2020. Daedalus has been updated a few times now since then, but is it possible to recover, use, access, this prior address linked to my account.

Thank you for any help…

I loaded back up all my wallet and wasn’t able to fond the funds. I can try it in another install of Daedalus.

I tried finding it loading up all my account within Yoroi, and haven’t found the funds. I will go back over the accounts and nemonic phrases.

I loaded back in three old wallets. It was on Bryon… WTHeck… thank you for actually responding and pushing me (in a manner) your head goes loopy after you think you lost something.


Hehehe :slight_smile: happy now? I wanted to suggest this but the address u gave me has 105 characters so…