ADA never made it to my wallet from Binance

I sent some ADA to my wallet from Binance but it never got there. Binance said that the transaction completed and they cant help any further. My wallet is still showing an old balance.

Hi @0u7law,

Are you sure that the address that you used is 100% correct. Please double check. In case the address is correct, maybe your wallet does not work properly.

  1. Access to
  2. Use your Daedalus address that you used to transfer ADA from Binance to the wallet and paste it to the search box, on top.
  3. Press Enter and see if the sent amount is displayed. If the amount is there, your ADA is safe. If not, the reason could be due to wrong address. Also, check if there is any other transaction that move your ADA out of the wallet.

I just posted the address into the adatracker and I see the amount in there. What do i do now?

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So youโ€™re okie, definitely.

From my view, Daedalus wallet has been not always working well. Full restoration of wallet can handle the issue.

how do i do that

Go to here: Alot of topics about wallet restore. And good luck!