Panicking after Ada transfer from CB to Daedalus

Hi everyone. I just did something stupid. I sent an amount of Cardano to an address assigned to me by Daedalus. I rechecked the Cardano Blockchain Explorer and ADA is there but in Daedalus I did not scroll down the Yes or No Question if I verified the address was correct before doing the Send. Afterwards I noticed the address was correct and click every time and the address is still assigned to me. Problem is funds do not show up on Daedalus. Did I lose everything?

Nope, have more patience; if u sent the ADA to one of your daedalus address should be fine… sometimes exchanges are delaying the transactions


Thank you bro! I’ll wait patiently! Thank you very much fir your prompt response. :pray:t2::muscle:t2:


You can check on binance if the transaction has confirmations… and u can also check the address use to recieve ADA on

You were absolutely right. Took exactly three hours but funds transferred safely! Thanks again brother! :muscle:t2::tada::tada: 🪙

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You are welcome🍻