ADA Transfer from Binance never arrived in Daedalus

Hi - I just transferred a meaningful number of ADA to my Daedalus wallet address through Binance. The transaction is marked as completed on the exchange but I did not see the ADA appear in my wallet (desktop based). Any idea how I can trace the transaction, find my ADA?

It’s probably some issue with Cardano-SL or Daedalus, there are several threads about this here in the forum. You can use the Block Explorer:

It could be as easy as just shutting the wallet and reopening it so it can sync. I have to do that every time I transfer in order to refresh the balance on my wallet.

Right, so I restarted my computer and now the Daedalus app is not opening properly anymore, just flashing “Connecting to network…” and stalling… I’ve found the transaction in the explorer (thanks to the txID I had from Binance) and it says there’s 1k ADA in my wallet address, but now I can’t access that?! Can I reinstall the Daedalus app and/or restore the wallet?

Hopefully you’ll know by now but in case not the answer is yes you can do both.