Bittrex ADA Wallet issues

I keep getting the run around from Bittrex this morning here in the US. Binance deposit had no issues but the transaction hasn’t shown up on my Bittrex account yet.

same here… my deposit until now after 20 hrs transaction still missing on bittrex… every time i create a ticket they reply and always solved but my deposit still missing…
what happend with bitrex…?
i try confirm to indodax withdraw team but they said no problm on indodax… and the network is working and have confirm… but on bitrex they said no confirm on network, i think problem on bitrex wallet…

this my transaction still missing

I just created a topic for the exact same issue. Thank god I only sent two test transactions at 1 and 2 ada respectively. Still have not shown up in mine either.

yeah bromar1 i have read your issue… so how about your issue now…? its done…?
its bittrex going scam…?

I have started a support ticket with both Bittrex and IOHK

I have never had a problem with Bittrex until today, this is the first time. Below is the answer I got from customer service, I will let you know if anything changes!

Thank you for reaching out to our customer experience team. I am Bjorn, and I will be happy to assist you.

We currently are experiencing a delay with our ADA deposits, please allow up to 72 hours for your deposit to settle. If it has not settled in 72 hours I will take another look to see why your deposit has not credited. Currently we are looking into why this delay is happening and are attempting to fix it before the mentioned timeline.

I have never had problem with Bittrex until recently, I had the same issue as you guys! I sent 2 transactions, 1 Yoroi and 2 nd from Daedalus, never received my ADA but I contacted them and they fix the issue in a couple of ours … however the amounts that I sent was way way bigger! Maybe for that they fixed the issue diligently…

Yes it seems the issue has been fixed. Now my transactions take 2-3 minutes instead of 2-3 days :grinning:

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my issue has been fixed now… after 27 hrs missing…

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