ADA Transfer Latency in Binance

Hi Support Team,
I have transferred 658 ADA from my Binance account (withdraw) to my friend Binance ADA account (desposit), its been an hour it is not transferred. Can someone please check and let us know how much time it would take normally and is there any issue with the transfer getting late. Please let me know if you need anything from my side.

Punnam Chander

Now at the end of the year there were some stability and the dev team enter to work it.
I am still not sure if the network is back fully operational.
During this period, binance and bittrex were forbidding withdrawns.
I am not part of the support team, think that the txnid could help.

They are still working on it:

Hi there Punnam, i have the same problem too, have been sending my 100 ADA (withdrawal) to my friend binance account (deposit) only to stuck at processing,

@ Chainomatic also I believe your pic is actually bittrex (not binance) because binance withdrawal doesnt look like that, bittrex is

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the news is that on Binance withdrawals wallets were disabled until I checked this morning just like Bitrex.

They are now available

you could not even access them for the past two days

What do to if I did a withdrawal from binance on 12/22, there is a txID but was never received? I can’t get answers from anyone here or binance support.

Devs are performing fixes, both from exchanges and IOHK.
Idk how long will it take. keep yr txn save, anytime someone will reach you.

at the moment you can’t withdraw ada on binance because a network issue from ada side…at the moment i try to open my wallet and again it takes very long {last time 2 days}… they must solve this so quick as possible.

This moment I can see a “Network Busy, Withdrawl Delay” on Binance.

But they ask an pretty high transfer fee of 1 ADA. (compared to 0.170894 for an outgoing transfer in Daedalus wallet)

It works now, I just sent my ADA to Wallet. but it is still processing, I guess there is a delay