Binance Ada transfer problems fixed with new update!

Didn’t see this posted in the official announcements so posting here - IOHK made an update for Binance and it appears Binance/Ada transfers are working perfectly now. That was kind of a PR drag, so really happy it’s been fixed.


Just tried to withdraw a few minutes ago, it took about 4 minutes to receive ADA.

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Great - thanks for confirming things are working!

Confirming this works perfectly now. Transfer to Daedalus Wallet took about 5 minutes. I was able to withdraw also on the 14th, and I thought then it was fixed, but noticed a couple days ago it was suspended again. I guess I just got lucky last time. Either way, I’m much more thankful to have all of my ADA in Daedalus vs. a Chinese exchange. Nothing against Binance in general, but I would imagine if bad things were to happen, I like the Chinese gov’t’s odds of causing them.


Finally!!! It makes me so nervous to keep money on exchanges…

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BTW you can embed tweets into the forum just by pasting a tweet’s link…see below…

Thanks Reisbaron!
I am on another board where embedding tweets would always show “loading tweet…” and never actually show, so I wasn’t sure if was the board software, or if twitter didn’t like tweets being embedded and considered them as unwanted hotlinking.
Glad to know it was specific to the board as embedding is definitely nicer all around.
Thanks for the tip!

Bought more ADA after the boxmining interview. Transferred it from Binance…first arrived in Daedalus after 3 minutes :grin: - verified “High” after 5 minutes. Very cool!


I’m trying to transfer ADA to Binance I keep getting and error message saying my spending password is wrong???

is this the same for Binance.US. I’m having a problem transferring from to a Ledger Nano X. Any advice.