Transaction from Binance to Daedalus is stuck

Hello all. I would greatly appreciate any guidance anyone may have. I initiated a transfer of ADA tokens from Binance to my Daedalus wallet about an hour ago. Usually transactions take a few minutes, however it has been about an hour so I am wondering why. When I check for the transaction on the block explorer, it says the transaction does not exist. Anyone have any clue on what to do?

Hi, I got same problem. Last night I transfered around 1000 ADA to my wallet , just to check how it goes. But there is no balance in my wallet and I cannot withdraw more from binance, It says “Suspend” for withdraw.

Hi, same problem. I logged a ticket to Binance on Saturday morning. There response “ADA withdrawal functionality is suspended because of network congestion according to ADA team. Please kindly wait a bit and check later .”

No change, still waiting …

I have the same problem, binance said it’s up to cardano when the withdraws will be completed, I have a large amount frozen on the exchange because of this.

According to binance my withdrawal was completed, but the coins have not appeared in my daedalus wallet. I see the transaction in the block explorer and the address appears to be correct. To anyone else that had this issue, was your binance withdrawal completed and did you receive your coins?

Restarting my computer fixed the issue.

after Binance maintenance was complete I made 4 withdrawls all very smooth.

Hi all,just bought some ADA on Binance and its is suspend and its written block network error.Does anybody have the same problem?

Ya, i see the same thing. Block Network Issue. I assume it’s just something we have to wait for to be fixed before we can do anything

any update here?
i am just curious and trying to keep track

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I have the same problem have you had any success yet? I want to buy more but this is making me hesitant please let me know if you have found a solution thanks

Eventually the transaction was unstuck.It took a few days but there are no
issues since.

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My ADA withdrawal to Daedalus from Binance is stuck at processing as well for the 30 mins. Keep waiting I expect.

same troubles here, seems that when it is put under stress it stalls
hope to get my funds through the pipe tonight but not holding breathe

my confirmations are arriving to Binance now. I think just slow being busy tonight with all the action

My first time using Binance too for purchasing ADA, there was no notification while purchasing ADA that withdrawal to wallet might be a problem within the last week. But my Cardano tokens are also now stuck with the exchange and there is no option to withdraw. I hope this is due to the holiday period and not Binance resorting to malevolent practices.

For what it’s worth, I just purchased 1500 ADA, and gasp noticed the same ‘Suspend’ greyed withdrawal button. I rebooted my PC as suggested above, still no-go. It is Jan 1, 2018 at 00:10 AM. Happy New Year and let this be a good year for cryptos and ADA!

there are periods I have noticed Binance has gone into suspend. On Iota it was there for over a month. Last time I saw it on ADA i asked and they said they were doing maintenance.
It was back available for withdraw in a day or so

hope it works soon for you