Withdraw from binance is not working

Hey guys,
today (like a few hours ago) I wanted to withdraw my ada from my binance account to my daedalus wallet, but I am still waiting for it to come. Binance still shows my account balance in ada, but on the other side shows my value been transferred.
What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Transactions out of Binance are taking a while right now. I had one take about 5 hours. When Binance says it’s “completed” it will be there. All this should change in the next few months when Shelly rolls out.

Thanks, so its normal? Because there still is no Txid in binance and I just used the wallet address that showed up, when I click “Receive” in Daedalus

The txid wont show up on Binance until it says completed. You should be fine.

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Thank you very much! So I´ll keep waiting then…

Still nothing… I dont know what to do.

Few days ago I moved my ADA from binance as well. I remember it took nearly whole night to finally show on my wallet. If you copied the exact address from Daedalus you shouldn’t worry. Hopefully within few hours it will be in your wallet.

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Thanks Justine for your response. Yeah Ive checked it several times - it was the correct one. I´ll post here as soon as something has changed

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They finally arrived - but in the end I waited nearly 7 hours. This has to changed asap

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Its a binance issuee - Please try a tx daedalus - daedalus - not way it will be more than 20 sec. Ppl say they see it in LESS than 4-5 sec

Took something like 10 hours for me one time, it’s not a problem if you’re expecting it, and I’m sure Binance will get their act together soon.

So withdrawal for ada from binance are working now ?

Well it did work for me but with a huge delay

Yeah next time im gonna choose another exchange

I did a transfer 12 hours ago. Bianace to Wallet on my Mac. Binance shows the transaction as complete, but nothing in wallet yet.

For a while now it’s been working for a short time most days, seemingly. Like maybe 30 mins out of 24 hours or so. At different times though. You just have to keep reloading the page and when the icon’s not there, go for it.

I am happy to report my transaction completed at 4am GMT and the ADA is in my wallet.

So about 30 hours. That’s a very long time, even slower than Bitcoin.

I thought Cardano was super fast, like under 5 seconds? What’s the story peeps?

It’s not ADA, it’s Binance. If you try a wallet to wallet transfer you’ll see it takes seconds.

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I did a transfer a couple hours ago from Binance to my Daedalus Wallet on my Mac and it has not yet arrived on my Daedalus. My transaction says completed in Binance and I can see the txid. I can also find my transaction on the Cardano Blockchain Explorer but still nothing has arrived. I’m worry that I made a mistake by generating a new address in the “Receive” tab instead of copy/pasting the initial default.

Could that be the problem?

Thanks in advance!

try restarting your computer. I had the same issue and this worked for me.

good luck.