Withdrawal times from Binance to Daedalus Wallet

I FINALLY was able to set-up the Daedalus wallet on my desktop. Took about 4 hours of “syncing blocks” (the devs REALLY need to work on this!). I transferred a small sum of ADA as as test. Came through to Daedalus wallet relatively quick (within ~1/2 hour). Transferred balance of my ADA to Daedalus wallet came through again relatively quick (~1/2 hour). Used same RECEIVE address both times. All good. Today I bought more ADA and transferred the ADA from Binance to the (same RECEIVE address) on my Daedalus wallet. It’s been over 3 hours since my last withdrawal (processed COMPLETE on BInance side) yet my ADA is not showing up on my Daedalus balance.

Is this common? How long on average does an ADA withdrawal from Binance take to show up in the Daedalus balance?


Unfortunately, this seems to be a common problem with the Daedalus wallet at this time. Close Deadalus and restart it and see if your balance is correct after restarting the wallet.

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It worked! Thank you!


Yesterday I installed the ZenCash Swing GUI Wallet and it started downloading the blockchain. After 12 hours, running overnight, it was about 60% complete. So around 5% per hour and 20 hours in total.