It took 3 hrs to withdraw ADA from Binance to Daedalus


Today, it took 3 hrs to send ADA from Binance to Daedalus wallet.
When withdraw is completed, close the Daedalus wallet window and re-open it for re-sync.

Daedalus to daedalus is 20 seconds. This 3 hours is just how binance works

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It’s taken 3 days to get Ether off Coinbase to Binance to buy more ADA. And it’s still there. I’ll grow old dealing with that exchange.

I just started using binance. Haven’t tried withdrawing from it yet though. Sent eth and ltc to it no problem. I have some ADA there and will buy more hopefully withdrawing starts going smoother. Anyone have any experiences on other exchanges w/ADA?

ADA from binance is especially difficult. I believe Choskins said it had something to do with how the exchanges interface with Cardano. They are working on that issue and once that issue is squared they will branch out to other exchanges

Actually (3:38 UT withdrawal from Binance is still suspended. Functioning transfer ADA to Daedalus is for me about 3 to 5 hours. Has anyone made experiences with Mr.Exchange?

It should’ve been: (3:38 UTC)

Binance is still suspending ADA transfers to Daedeuls… I squeezed some out this morning as a “test” adn that took 3 hours to get into my wallet. Maybe try in the morning when there’s less traffic.

Just as a comparison, transferring from Bittrex has been pretty good for me. About 5minutes for ADA to show up in my wallet.

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