Binance to Daedalus

Normally on a good day, how long does it take to transfer ADA from Binance to Daedalus wallet?

right now not a good day, Binance has been down over an hour.
but I have made many transfers, and it has taken from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. I dont think it was ever longer than that for me though and I have made approximately 50 transfers

agree with @GoatPharmer average is 5-30 min, but remember to keep your wallet sync’d from now and then

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Agree. In the past 5 days there was a notable slowdown, delay or even interruption for whitdrawals.
Around 10 hours ago I noted a mayor service outage (500 errors) on binance website.

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I have just done a transfer of ADA from Binance to the Daedalus Wallet on my Mac.

It took about 6 minutes.


I also did a transfer from my Daedalus Wallet to Binance, just to see; took about 4 minutes.

The transaction showed immediately on Binance, but it took 4 minutes to get to the 15 confirms that Binance requires before the transaction is marked completed.


Had this issue to today waited 3 hours, still nothing. Shut it down, reopened, then the last 12 hours has been stuck on ‘Connecting to the network’…

What gives?

I just did it today, didn’t exactly monitor it, but it took < 7 minutes, all times Pacific Standard Time:

start of tx (on Binance)    : 2018-01-25 22:11:15
end of tx (in my Ada wallet): 2018-01-25 22:17:11

My Ada wallet was already synced by the time I sent the Ada out of Binance.

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