Binance withdraw problem

HI to all.
I dont know if Cardano team can do something about it, but does someone knows when can i finally withdraw my ADA from binance to desktop wallet ? Am waiting for 6 days now and i still can not withdraw my ADA to cardano wallet.


I have been waiting for 2 weeks brother. Charles has said that binance requested a new API, and IOHK also has addressed the issue. They are working on a solution soon. It is quite comforting to know that I am not the only one still having withdrawal issues. Withdawal was actually possible last night, but my wallet took to long to load and by the time it was complete, withdrawal was suspended again. A bit frustrating. We just have to wait it out.

There was a short time window that you could withdraw ADA from Binance two days ago. Just be patient and if you really want to withdraw your ADA as soon as possible, check Binance few times a day.

I managed to get mine out 2 days ago, it works when Binance is allowing it. Although, it did take over 2 hours to process. These exchanges need to get their crap together.

Thank you guys for reply. Till today, no changes…
Withdraw option is still disabled…

Now, because i didnt do this before and i still have to wait, just to be sure…
All i need to do in daedalus is to click on receive and to copy this address to binance. ?

I just want to double check because it looks like i will be waiting quite some time for this binance --> daedalus transfer…


Same situation here, but it just came back up

its working now… i just made a withdraw.
Am wondering how long will it take to make deposit to my wallet.

Charles mentioned in the question and answer update Monday that they hope to have Binance issues resolved in two weeks. Also, they have dedicated a team to help Binance and there are several other exchanges waiting in the queue to add ADA support. Bittrex is now solid.

I’ve found it typically takes a couple of hours minimum. Since we’re in bootstrap era I’m not really surprised by this - though that delay may be more on the Binance-side than the Cardano node side. One thing to keep in mind is that once Binance has shown that the transfer is complete you will probably need to close the wallet and reopen it to see your new balance. I’ve found reloading the wallet itself it not enough. I imagine as they refine and update Daedalus this will not be the case. Good luck.

The binance transfer was completed at 17.30 and till now ( 23.00 ),wallet is still empty. I reloaded it few times.
It’s no problem for me, i just want to point out that it takes hours to see deposit in wallet.

Am really curious how long will it take…


I did a swap out another currency this morning on Binance into ADA and transferred. It then went to “status network bus/withdrawl suspend” shortly after. This happened previously. It took about half a day or more to show up - so longer than usual. I started the transfer around 11:00 and it has not hit. I’ll let you know when mine hits so we can compare notes.

Once this opens up outside ‘trusted’ nodes after Bootstrap Era I expect this to be much less of an issue.

This is my 7th transfer - so it will happen.


Head up s- It just went through. So took about 5 hours with the Network busy issue.

Looks like it’s suspended again. :frowning:

Sorry - I just reread this. Did Binance show this as completed? If so - then close Daedalus and reopen. It should show up then. Reloading won’t refresh your amount for some reason. C

twitter once resolved asap…tia