FYI: Binance withdrawals


Now (1/14 2018, 11 am UTC) withdrawals from Binance are suspended again.

Sehe gerade (14.1. 2018, 11 am UTC), dass die Auszahlungen bei Binance wieder gestoppt sind.


They were open for a brief time yesterday (Saturday) but I see are closed again. During that time I did a test transfer that hung for hours but I see now is in my local wallet. Looks like they’re still working on things.


I did 3 ADA withdraws from Binance yesterday and it took ages for the transactions to complete. The first one took a little over an hour or so but the last 2 witch I did an hour or two later took many hours so they definitively have some issues they need to sort out, and that is probably why withdraws are suspended for long periods.

To me it felt like the longer withdraw option was available the longer it took to complete them, so I guess they suspend it to allow their system to catch up when the queue becomes to large or something.


Up again now. Trying a small transfer

Update: Worked like a charm!

Thank you devteam!

Bug bounty program and how to report security issues

Some sort of roulette. Bought some ADA an hour ago and hit a timewindow to withdraw. Now it’s suspended again. Transfer has been booked by Binance. (1/14 2018 4:40 pm UTC)
This is getting bigger and bigger, I think.


I’m still stuck too, for weeks already.

Wasn’t it because of the issues Charles was talking about recently in his update video?


Second transfer took approx 1hr 50. First one took 40minutes. Both is in my Daedalus right now. I don’t know if I managed to get through the needles eye or what, but I’m finally off the exchange :slight_smile:


Yep. They were open yesterday for a bit, managed to transfer my entire stake to my Daedelus wallet. I still think they do not have Cardano’s latest patch though.


I think they don’t have enough ADA for you all withdraw. That’s why they can just open withdrawal within a short time.


there was a video with charles speaking suggesting binance was wanting to do batch transfers, could the hang up be accumulating the out going batch to be sent at one time once full?


sell ada on biance switch to ltc send to bittrex fast buy your ada back send to wallet. might lose a few ada or gain a few in the middle of the run, but much better then being locked in on an exchange.


Bittrex is closed for new Signups as I’ve seen (from Germany):

December 15, 2017 17:21

Dear new users:

We have received an enormous number of new account registrations over the past few weeks. We are excited to have so many new users who want to join the Bittrex community. Unfortunately, we have to make a few upgrades to our support and backend systems to handle the increased traffic and load. As such, we have halted new user registrations for the time being. If you already have an account on Bittrex, you will not be affected by this change. Please continue to the log in as you normally do.

To our new users, we will keep you posted on when we open up registration. We apologize for the inconvenience!

The Bittrex Team

So for now it is a bit difficult for a beginner to follow the way you went.:disappointed:
Kind regards

#13 try one of these exchanges on the list if you are still locked in a few days from now…


Thank you, I’ll try out another one. In the moment Binance is really a rollercoaster ride.
Kind regards


Signed up on Mr. Exchange. How to get to Trustlevel2 when you can’t read japanese?


What’s the point - Cardano has yet to fix their Daedalus wsllet that doesn’t even launch. Not to mention that even IF some people have managed to successfully download and open Daedalus wallet the wait times to transfer can be measured in weeks in some instances. Unacceptable!


Sometimes Google translate can help :shinto_shrine: