Finally got my money off binance!

After weeks of worrying that Binance would crash or go out of business I finally got all my coins off of there.


Congratulations, I might do the same.


Well I could not up to now they were help hostage! Yesterday the gateway was up again.

did i miss something? what happened with binance?

Me too, could get it out lol, my invest is safe now!

Still suspended here…

I’m 3 days and still trying. Grrrr!

I’ve been waiting as well - got some out this morning as a “test” to make sure the wallet worked. I waited almost 3 hours for it populate into Daedelus.

Now Binance has suspended withdrawals again.

Grr… is right…

I just logged in to Binance right now after seeing this thread, hoping to withdraw my ADA. I got the message “Network Busy, Withdrawal Suspend”. Has been the same message last 48 hours each time I check.

My impression is that Cardano fixed things on their end and now this is Binance holding up the show. Not sure, perhaps Charles will tell us in his next update…

I’m Just saw Binnance. Ada is still avaible for withdrawl.

20 Jan around 14:18 CET: withdrawal from Binance possible. Entered Daedalus 14:58

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How often do you check? I try one or two times per day and it always says “Network Busy, Withdrawl Suspend”.

heard an interview with the owner(, said he has a telegram group . I don’t use telegram because it is not free software and I find even the usage by cardano suspicious. He also mentioned there are 5000 coins that want to be listed not just the 1000 you see.

About 5 times over the last week in the afternoon CET, and was able to withdraw twice (minor amounts). Both times the time between withdrawal from Binance and entry in Daedalus was <1 hour…

Oh well, I guess I will have to check every couple of hours then…


I have been checking at least twice per day for the last 4 days and have not been able to withdraw from Binance with same “Network Busy” message. Just finally had opportunity and my withdrawal has been “processing” for well over 1 hour with no change, sitting on Binance without a Tx id yet… I sure wonder what in the heck is going on with Binance and Cardano.

Check checked again, and now my withdrawal is stuck in “Processing” mode and they have again suspended withdrawals. I sure hope someone is really working on this…