Binance ADA withdrawals are suspended due to network busy

Binance ADA withdrawals are suspended due to network busy.
When will this be fixed on Binance?


See attached screenshot Screenshot_20180105-073612

did anyone succeed with binance ?

How can u succeed if withdrawals are suspended?

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sorry, sent it in a hurry

what I wanted to ask actually, is anyone transferred ETH to binance recently?
if so, how long it took?


I moved ETH from Coinbase to Binance today and it only took a few minutes. I can’t withdraw ADA though. Anyone on the team have any insight into this “Network Busy” thing?

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I am also having trouble withdrawing ADA from Binance… it has been saying “suspended” for 3 days now… hoping this gets fixed soon.

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I have the same problem it is several days that it is impossible to withdraw ADA from Binance.

The same applies to me. Hopefully the situation of suspension will have an end soon …

Same error here and it continues for hours. I will never buy ADA coin again.


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It’s the Exchange - not the Cardano network. It says the same thing about Stellar (XLM) which has a lighting fast network. I created a support ticket on Binance about this and they closed it without a word.

Same here. Not able to withdraw my first batch of ADA. Do u guys have any idea how long normally does it takes to fix these kind of issues?

now, they suspended ETH too.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

ADA - Network busy, withdraw delay

Hi all, it appears that ADA withdrawals are available on Binance now. I was able to make an ADA withdrawal request; even though the “Network busy, withdrawl delay” message is still there, the “Withdrawal” button is now enabled. My withdrawal is now listed as “Processing” on the History page.

Good luck to everyone. Now back to my day job. :slight_smile:

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should we see a slightly increase?

Just to confirm what @evenlenz says - even though the “!” icon and withdrawal message is still displaying next to ADA on Binance, the “Withdrawal” button is now appearing as active (it was greyed out before) and the message now says “Withdrawal Delay” instead of “Withdrawal Suspended”. I just initiated a successful withdrawal to my wallet.

And the withdrawal already arrived! It took just under an hour. Slow, but much faster than I expected based on what I’ve been reading!

Lucky, Im still suspended. Uncomfortable keeps tokens on exchange.

What version of the wallet does everyone have?

My copy of Daedalus says 1.0.3769 in the window title bar, but on the “About” popup it says 0.8.2. :thinking: