ADA withdrawal Suspended on Binance!

It has been a while that ADA withdrawal is suspended on Binance. I have been trying to contact their support but after no reply, I am asking this question here.

May I know what is going on and how long binance or cardano is planning to suspend ADA withdrawal?

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Hi-Binance have indeed suspended all withdrawals for ADA for a week now. I have only been given the option to convert it to Ethereum or BTC. I chose Ethereum and copied an address from Metamask but when it was pasted on to the Binance withdrawal address bar, another address was automatically generated.

I believe BINANCE HAS BEEN HACKED with a phishing virus!

@srajput The answer is in this video update from Charles Hoskinson released yesterday, specifically from 2:50 to 5:00


Hi @RRaymond54321, if the address changed without you prompting it, it sounds like that was you instead that probably have a malware installed on your computer.

Did you go forward with the transaction? Did you lose your coins?

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@RRaymond54321 You might want to check your hosts files. It never hurts to do that. The below instructions are for Bittrex but it would be the same for Binance:

Start a command prompt as administrator and issue the following command

"notepad.exe C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts"

on a normal system, it should look like this:
If it has an entry for bittrex, you are hacked. It will look like this this is what it would look like if they redirected bittrex to another IP address on your computer, since windows checks this file first before querying DNS (Domain Name System) for the IP Address of

If it has some random IP address in there, this is the place that stole your money. You can trace the IP Address owner and submit a report to police/interpol/justice league/the guy who owns the ip address. Most likely it will be some internet cafe in Shanghai or India and that’s where the trail will go cold.

if the hosts file looks normal, open regedit.exe and check the registry key at:


^ this is where windows host file location is specified and this is where windows will look for the host file it uses to resolve names ( to addresses ( <- their actual ip) for your browser to actually connect to.

it should look like this if it isnt identical to the example I provided, you are hacked

if it doesn’t point to “%SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc” then they have created a fake hosts file somewhere else on your system (the new path specified in the registry key), and this is truly some next level hacking shit, because your adversary is employing stealth to mask their activities.

Another easy way to tell is to compare the results of a ping command (which uses hosts + dns) to the results from nslookup (which uses only DNS). If there is a mismatch (ping is hitting a server not listed in the results of nslookup) then this is a huge red flag. Example:

here is an example of what it would look like if is redirected to in the hosts file: hosts file:
If this is the case you will want to take the system down to bare metal, blow away the OS, flash the motherboard, flash any firmware you can with known good copies, etc before you use it for anything else.


Fortunately I did not lose my coins as I changed the address to the correct recipient address just in time.
When i copy the address from Metamask, it is only when I paste it on the Binance exchange that the problem occurs as an incorrect address shows up.

A friend of mine stated this often happens on Binance.

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Thank you.

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what is an API? charles mentioned this in regard to the binance issue…

It stands for Application Programming Interface, and basically it is how different softwares/hardwares/platforms etc… communicate with each other. In that case the Cardano Blockchain and Binance wallets. :slight_smile:

Here is a cool video explaining it

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oh wow man thanks for the video. I am new to crypto so most of the terminology i find a bit difficult. Learning so much everyday thankS to content like this.

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You’re welcome. You might find that link interesting

This one can be a complement

There are others “cryptionaries” as well, I would recommend to hang on Reddit and after a few weeks, you will rapidly get the gist of it :slight_smile:

As a bonus, here is the original thread where the term HODL that you see everywhere was born. I find it so funny I think I know it by heart :smiley:

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Hi Cosmos Thank you for sharing this video. Bit it still didn’t tell the timeline or any dates when withdrawal suspension will be removed from Binance. So we can transfer ADA to other wallet. Do you know when this issue will be fixed?

I have no idea, if Charles hasn’t said it, it means that he doesn’t know neither. For Bittrex it took them a few days, so I would be surprised if by the end of next week this issue still hasn’t been resolved.

It all comes down to how the testing goes with the devs. Binance is reliable so I wouldn’t worry too much, I myself still have some ADAs on Binance.

I noticed that you mentioned “other wallet” in your comment. Just to be clear, as of today, there is only one wallet that can store your ADA in, the official Daedalus wallet It’s the only legit link. Everything else is a scam, especially the one on Google Play Store, avoid it.

And soon there will be the Ledger Nano S as well :smiley:


Anyone able to withdrawal? I keep reading on other forums random users say that they where able to withdrawal from Binance.

Mine was still locked up as of 2 hrs ago. No big. Ain’t worried.

I have same problem.
But I saw a offical twitter comment.

So I think this is temporary issue, not big one.

I too have confidence holding a lot there … no problems withdrawing a lot last month … in reality time frames of “the holidays” and difficulties of truth-checking security , slowness on this front would be probable to expect

withdrawals are open right now! (who knows for how long!! lol)

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Ty ! I just logged in and withdrew my ADA.
All we need now is ledger nano support for cold staking

I send a few ADA from Binance to my Wallet (Daedalus), but they are not there until now.

how long take a regular transaction in the network?