Binance withdrawals?


Why are ADA withdrawals from Binance like pulling teeth? Half the time they are suspended. Is there something Cardano’s team can do to make their problems go away or is this entirely in Binance’s court? Thanks!

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Man i have been trying to withdraw ADA for over a week, i feel your pain. Not sure when this will get resolved. I hate keeping my stuff on an exchange.


I believe it’s binance’s issue, not Cardano’s.
It’s an exchange platform held by some which can do what they want with the processes on their website depending or not of any reasons.


We have shipped improvements to Bittrex, Binance hasn’t updated yet. Binance has also requested a new API.


I have the same problem, I have a chunk of ADAs stuck on binance


Binance and coinnest both suspended the withdraw of ADA for whatever BS reasons.