Is anyone else having a problem logging into binance?

I tried logging into my binance account just recently and when it goes through, all i get is my account homepage flashing on and off and I’m unable to navigate?? Anyone else experiencing this?

Nope, I’ve been using Binance today without any problem.

i was able to login today as well, around 4 hours ago. But now im having issues.

no problem logging in and out all day, but i do receive a “Network busy, Withdraw suspend” error on all of my ADA.

if anyone has encountered this problem, i’d like to talk about how you achieved resolution.

No. I only had an issue withdrawing, which seems to have gone away. The ADA I purchased is in my Daedelus wallet now. Overally, I’d say Binance is doing a pretty good job so far.

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Same problem here. Im guessing since the coin is so called" mooning" they disable it to increase the withdraw fee? I’m only assuming here. or like the thing states “Network busy”.

Im new to this crypo trading/buying and I bought small amount because I believe in this blockchain.

I never used this exchange before, untill now, and not likeing the results so far, I sent a support ticket in about 5mins ago, lets see if they take as long as electroneum support. I have a support ticket in from 13 days ago and no responds. I guess they just screw us little guys? or don’t have millions to spend on GOOD support? Wait, they do have MILLIONS…But I guess they rather drive there fancy 500k cars? :confused: of course im just bitc*** and complain is all :stuck_out_tongue:

Im no expert in crypo. and hell maybe the network is just "“busy” af. I dunno. But hopefully I can withdraw my ADA soon :slight_smile:

My question is does anyone know how long the withdraw has been disabled? I hate having crypto on a exchange, what if they get hacked :confused:

Hi-Binance have indeed suspended all withdrawals for ADA for a week now. I have only been given the option to convert it to Ethereum or BTC. I chose Ethereum and copied an address from Metamask but when it was pasted on to the Binance withdrawal address bar, another address was automatically generated.

I believe BINANCE HAS BEEN HACKED with a phishing virus!