Transfer ADA from binance to binance


I just kick started my friend journey in crypto by giving him 100 ADA by withdrawing ADA from my Binance ADA address to his Binance ADA address, it stuck at 'Processing", how long normally one transaction takes time?


I have a withdrawal from Binance processing for 3+ hours here.

This update might be related


When I did this it got stuck for 5 days and we had to contact binance support through their telegram chat group. I think binance does not like binance to binance transfers. You can find a link for the binance tellegram support chat on the r/binance reddit page.

Good luck!


Update: The withdrawal I was waiting on went through.


Trying to withdrawal ADA to my Daedalus wallet for the first time… 9 HOURS and still Processing, what’s wrong?