Hello I am new to the Cardano space and wanted to know one thing?

Why does it seem the transaction take so long and where can I can confirmations and the payment was sent but I don’t see it in my balance thank you

How long have you been waiting? Usually it takes up to 2mn to reach Daedalus from the exchange

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If feels like two days??

What does it say when you input your transaction ID or address on the Cardano Explorer?

that is the address where I sent the ADA, so I put it in the explorer it has done this to me before and I waited and value was applied


Were you trying to send your ADA from Bittrex/Binance to Daedalus? Is Daedalus up and running on your computer?

yes its up and running…I sent it from Binance yes
hey thanks for your help by the way… I don’t know much about is going on just trying to learn

You’re welcome but I didn’t solve your problem… Unfortunately I don’t see anything wrong on the explorer? You should have received it.

  1. Did you make sure to correctly copy your address in the Receive tab in Daedalus, and paste it on Binance?
  2. Could you please check in your transaction history on Binance if you sent it to that same Daedalus address? It is in the tab Funds> History > Withdrawals History

Taking long moving ADA around? It shouldn’t… My withdrawals/deposits have been going through in under 2 mins…

yes my address is absolutely correct it is even in my used generated address column

When did you install Daedalus? The only thing that comes to mind is that your wallet is not updating the latest blocks. Maybe try to restart your computer ( which I suppose you’ve already tried?)

Or alternatively, make sure you have written down your precious private keys ( the 12 secret words)… which you can use to restore your wallet after a full uninstall and fresh installation of Daedalus. I think I read that it worked for others… I honestly don’t know what else can be done.

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thanks I will try that I feel it will come thru as I stated this has happen prior thanks for you help

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Sometimes you have to confirm you withdraws from the exchanges. They send you an email. Look in your spambox? I dont use binance though.

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Comos Thanks I restart my Mac mini and it showed my balance I guess it had to resync…thanks when ADA hit $400…I’ll buy you lunch!! lol


Haha awesome mate!

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Hahah… The moment ADA hit’s $400, I’ll become a millionaire. That ain’t happening any time soon lol xD

Bro Lets pray…it might happen next week anything can happen:)))



Agreed on the speed of a transaction on ADA! Being accustomed to BTC and ETH, this was blazing fast…

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