Cardano Wallet Problem with transfering coins

Somebody advise please !! I transfered ADA to my Daedalus Wallet from Bittrex and it still has not been deposited. It’s been about 15 hours now. How long should it take ??? Is there something wrong with this Wallet ? How do I contact them ???

Hello CryptoGirl,

Have you reloaded the Daedalus wallet application to re-sync it?
Is the address you transferred the funds to correct?


Yes I remember re loaded it many times. .
Yes the address is correct…
Is there another wallet that supports ADA. I have a lot. .

In Bittrex, click the ‘Wallet’ tab, scroll down to ‘Withdrawal History’, click the ‘+’ next to the transaction in question.

Copy the text next to ‘TxId:’

Paste it into the Cardano explorer (

What does it say?

Did you do Bittrex confirmation of withdrawal through your email ???

I bet you haven’t and it’s not even pending ?

It was deposited yesterday night ( it took 24 hrs ) better late than never.
Thanks for your help.
Best Regards


I and a few others have seen these significant delays too. I started another thread on the topic. I believe that Daedalus is losing it’s connection (although my computer did Not lose it’s connection, and I was able to clearly verify the transaction was sitting on the blockchain).

Any and all Daedalus developers, please help out here. I don’t see a mechanism for reporting a bug (perhaps this would be a good feature to add to the wallet?).

CrytoGirl, restarting my computer caused the wallet to Re-Sync and pushed the transaction through. I use a Mac so YMMV.

Another interesting thing was that Daedalus “hung” the reboot of my computer today. I had to Force Quit the application in order to reboot my computer. Weird stuff.

If any developers read this, pls contact me if you need more details.

Thank you.