Daedalus Wallet issues


I’m having issues with my Daedalus wallet. I have transferred 10,500 ada from bittrex to my Daedalus wallet on the 9th of January. It is the 15th of January and its still confirming the transaction. Currently there are over 23,000+ confirmations and growing. I cannot access my ada or transfer it back to my bittrex account. Its just stuck. I have sent reports and emails to cardano support and Daedalus support with no reply. If anyone can shed some light on this topic it will be greatly appreciated.

I’m no expert but it seems Daedalus sometimes has to be restarted or reinstalled, there are threads on this here and the Daedalus FAQ is worth looking at too.

Hello @tjp92800,

First it is not recommended to give any indication about the amount of ADAs you’re holding. Just stick to some ADA. The world doesn’t need to know. Hackers neither.

The growing confirmations are normal, you likely clicked on “Strict” in Transaction assurance security level in the Settings tab, which is a good thing. For what it is worth, I have over 210K confirmations for all my transactions with the Strict feature turned on.

Why do you say you cannot access your ADA if you can see the transaction confirmations growing? Where exactly is it stuck?



Thank you for the advice… your right I shouldn’t mention the amount. I have only been able to access the Daedalus wallet a few times. It takes an extremely long time usually a day or two for me to connect. Usually it just says “connecting to network” or it freezes when it’s syncing the blocks.

Also, by me saying it is stuck, I mean that I’m unable to withdraw my ada from the Daedalus wallet into an exchange. Do I have to wait for the confirmations to finish to be able to withdraw? If so, how many confirmations are needed for a transaction to be completed? It is going on 9 days now.

Thank you for your response.

Do I have to wait for the confirmations to finish to be able to withdraw?

Of course not.

For the connect to network & syncing blocks freeze issues, have a look at the https://daedaluswallet.io/faq/ where you will find some instructions.

Is your internet connection working well? 1 or 2 days to connect to Daedalus every time is not normal. It only takes a few hours during the first installation, then it should take no longer than a few minutes.

The more you open Daedalus (every day or 2 days for example), the more up to date with the latest blocks it will be. If you open it once per month for example, you will be far behind and will need to wait longer to update your blocks file, as more transactions occurred.

I would suggest you to send your logs to the Cardano team, there is a button on the bottom of the page from my link above ( Email Support). If they don’t reply, it will most likely means that the issue is with your set-up and not with the wallet.