Transferred my ADA from Bittrex to Daedalus wallet and still hasn’t arrived in almost 24 hours

Hi my name is Pete and I am an investor and strong believer in Cardano. I recently set up my Daedalus Wallet and made my first transfer of coins from Bittrex into the wallet. It took several hours to show up in my wallet even though it was showing withdrawn on Bittrex which got me a bit nervous but fortunately was received. Last night I sent a larger amount ADA and it’s been almost a full day and still not received. I double checked the address and was correct and also closed out the system and reopened to see if it was a simple case of not updating but not the case. Has this wallet had a history of delayed transactions and is there anyone who can advise me as to what the next steps should be in tracking these ADA coins?

Thank you

No, the wallet cannot delay any transaction, it is just a mirror for what Cardano’s blockchain is doing.

Have you looked for your transaction on the Cardano Blockchain Explorer?

Look for it there and report back.