Hung Transfers?

This morning I purchased some ADA on Bittrex, as I have many times in the recent past.
I sent it to my Daedalus wallet, with confirmation on the blockchain.
Daedalus still has not registered receipt of the coins, yet I can see the transaction on the blockchain explorer.
Bittrex seems to have sent it appropriately. I’ve triple checked the receiving address.
It’s been about 25 minutes since the send. My prior transactions were quite fast.
Has anyone else had this experience? What can I do if my transaction is stuck in the blockchain and not crediting my wallet address??
Thanks in advance.

I have experienced the same - about 20 mins transfer time for the coins to post.

I’m going on an hour now, still haven’t received my coins.
This doesn’t really bode well for the platform. I realize that there’s still development going on (on multiple fronts), but my confidence has been seriously eroded.
What can one do if the transaction is posted on the blockchain, the receiving address is correct, and it simply doesn’t post to the wallet? Is there any recourse? Any way to “go get” my coins that seem stuck in a blockchain?

I just noticed a Time and Date stamp on the transaction ID within the Cardano Blockchain Explorer.
It reads:
11/25/2017 17:42:31

Transaction was made around 9:45am, so this definitely isn’t local time. I’m wondering if this is an estimated time for the transaction to Post, or is this the transaction time in GMT or something??

Transaction just posted. 10:53am
Transaction time says 09:42:31 in wallet.

If any of the wallet developers watch these forums, can you please take a look into this issue of delayed transactions?

Message me for more info on the details. Thanks!

I’m not a Dev, but I’ve had this experience with Bittrex before.
For me, the problem was that Bittrex send out their transactions in bulk, so when I requested the transfer to my Daedalus wallet all that happened was that my transaction was put into a queue.

When I did a search for my Daedalus wallet address on the blockchain explorer it showed no incoming transactions, but when I searched for my Bittrex wallet address it showed a transaction was in progress - so I’m assuming that Bittrex transferred it out of my Bittrex wallet and into another Bittrex wallet that I couldn’t see before eventually sending it out to my Daedalus wallet.

Edit: Also - I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong - I think the timestamps you’re talking about are in UTC.

Not had any problems myself yet . Transactions from Bittrex in about 2 minutes into wallet .

Before and since I’ve had withdrawal transactions go through at normal speeds, it was just on one occasion that it happened to me - by the time they eventually turned up, I’d convinced myself that I’d sent it to the wrong address and had lost the coins forever :slight_smile:

Glad you got them in the end .

And yes always good to test send small amount with a paste and copy . Then if all good. Copy and paste the saved address and keep using it from we’re you saved it .

I think the significant delay was on the Receiving End (Daedalus wallet).
I checked the blockchain and everything appeared in order.
The send from Bittrex was verified and complete, and the order existed in the cardano blockchain, so I really don’t think this was a Bittrex issue.
After about 1hr 10 min of Not receiving my coin, I eventually restarted my computer.
Perhaps it was coincidence, but the coins appeared instantly after a reboot.
To me this suggests that, for whatever reason, Daedalus had become unresponsive to the blockchain at some point. The UI was acting normally, and claimed to be 100% in sync.
So, Devs, if you’re out there and reading this forum, please please hammer around and see if this is a bug. I want this project to succeed, but if the wallet isn’t Really Solid, confidence erodes quickly. There really needs to be some kind of immediate confirmation of received funds.

Ah, ok, that’s a different issue to me then. Maybe check the Daedalus logs, or send them to the Daedalus team in a bug report to narrow down the problem.

In Windows they are here:

C:\Users\ < username > \AppData\Roaming\Daedalus\Logs

You can post bug reports here by clicking on ‘Support’ and filling out the form:

Not saying it is but your problem could be down to your computer settings etc.

In the future it’s always good to do a restart before any coin exchange just to make your your pc is running in order .

Any time I send my funds to my wallet I get a confirmation in a matter of minutes.

The wallet has been pretty much solid in my eyes allready .


What kind of computer do you use for your bitcoin and alt coins? I bought a ledger nano s but do not want to use it for my current laptop since it has been on the web.

I just had the same problem. I had to restart the wallet to get my fund displayed. I think it might have lost the connection to the internet.

@adaholder32 and Therebelinblack13: I’m using an Apple. I use Exodus wallet for other crypto, although I’m really hoping that in the future I’ll just use Daedalus. Although I’m not claiming to be an “expert” at this, I’ve never had a trade take this long, especially when it’s visible on the blockchain.

@moustique: exactly. The app is losing it’s connection to the blockchain and/or internet. My computer did Not lose connection during this period. Very weird.

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I just experienced this issue myself. Also moving from Bittrex to Daedalus. Restarting the PC (Windows) fixed the error immediately.

The wallet is obviously losing sync. This needs to be addressed by the wallet developers.

In addition, Daedalus hung on my mac, refusing to shut down for a reboot. I had to Force Kill the application.

Does anyone know how I/we can submit a bug report?

All I can suggest is just to email support using the form on the Daedalus site, and include your logs from:

C:\Users\ < username > \AppData\Roaming\Daedalus\Logs

~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus/Logs

You need to archive the folder called ‘pub’ and send that.

The wallet is likely loosing sync with the chain, and “thinks” its 100% in sync when it is not.
This can happen when the local node’s own peers are also behind, and they all seem to be lost
and delusional together.

By rebooting, your force a set of new peers, and catch up on downloading the blocks.

Definitely sounds like a wallet & possibly node issue. Wallets in general, regardless of the chain, seem poorly designed.

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@Toddy, yes, my wallet is already sending debug logs to the dev team (in the Settings of the wallet).

@Zero-Hour-Zulu, thank you for the explanation. That is, indeed, what seems to be happening. I cannot verify the part about a node, or peers, but most definitely my wallet said it was 100% sync’d with the blockchain. I did restart the app several time with no effect. It wasn’t until I rebooted that the transaction went through.

I’ve since read several other threads on this forum complaining of an identical issue. I don’t know how to merge threads, but certainly one of the admins could do that, if appropriate.

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