Buy ADA directly to an address wallet

Hey everyone :-),

I’m looking for a website that let’s anyone send ADA to a specific address wallet, without the need of opening an account in an exchange website like Coinbase/Binance.

I want to accept online payments with ADA, but I want avoid going thru all the steps of opening an account in Coinbase/Binance, and then sending the ADA to a wallet.

I would lose a lot of interest of clients if they need to open an account in an exchange website to just send ADA to my wallet.

Is there any online service/website that let’s anyone send ADA to an specific wallet by just entering their Credit Card information + the Cardano’s wallet of destination?

Thank you in advance.

You can buy directly in Yoroi.


Hi there how do we buy using Yuroi wallet

Also I want to know how I can withdraw from a existing staking pool and join another pool
Can any one point me to the info on web

I use yuroi

Click on that little arrow here :

and then buy/sell.

Im not sure if i understand your second question correctly, but if you want to redelegate your ada to another pool, you can simple delegate them to another pool without doing anything before.


Why would you need a website to transfer ada. Your customers can do a transfer directly from their wallet to your address, which you can find in your wallet in the Receive section.

To democratize it.

Owning a wallet + using an exchange site (Like Binance) could be tricky for the average person.

I’m just looking for a straight forward way to send ADA to a wallet using CreditCard.

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Sweet! I’ll check how Yoroi uses it. Thanks.

Hi @cabada ,
you mean, that if someone buy something in your online-shop they pay it per credit card and you receive it as ADA, right?

Actual i don’t know any checkout-payment service that offers it yet. I mean i even didn’t know an service that do this with Bitcoin. In some regions that could also be problematic with the local laws (i just think about the European union and germany here :joy:)

So personal i suggest you to accept it in your local fiat currency and promise your customers to change it into ADA as soon as possible or/and your customers use yoroi which is very easy to use for normal people where they also can buy ADA directly into their wallet and pay you.

Greetings from Germany!

Buying Ada by a card in yoroi is super convenient, but it costs about 9% more compared to an exchange. You may want to warn your customers beforehand.


Hi Fabian,

Wow, I didn’t know I could buy ADA directly from Yoroi. This changes everything!

I do not see what you see on my Android Yoroi App.
Can I download the Yoroi App in my Brave Browser or does it only work in Chrome?

Thanks for your help!

Update: It seems that I can download the Yoroi App on my Brave Browser and I have found the little arrow you have indicated Fabian. Just looking into how the purchase works.

Thanks for the heads up. Do you know the 9 % difference from experience or from elsewhere? This is something I do my best to factor in, although ease of use may be paramount for newbies. I am looking at Changelly now - I believe this is the exchange used in the Yoroi wallet- I have not tried it yet… They post this in their blog about how to Exchange using Changelly…

"## Disclaimer

We kindly ask you to pay your attention to cryptocurrencies’ rates. Changelly does not use CoinMarketCap-like aggregators as a reference point of the current rates. The coin price always depends on the market depth and volumes you are trying to sell or buy. We exchange the exact crypto amount, not the fiat equivalent. So, it cannot be used as a reference while checking crypto amounts."

In yoroi it shows you the rate before commiting to buy. Comparison to binance it was 9% higher.

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I am working on an app, where I want users to load their wallet with ADA/Cardano native tokens and once smart contracts is out pay directly from their wallets.
I want to let my community know if there an easy way to buy Cardano without going through an exchange account i.e. Binance. A regular person wants something simple, a service like a bridge that can convert FIAT into Cardano. Wondering if there will be a Cardano DEX platform / API that will support managing Wallets and bridge from FIAT. 9% commission feed seem a lot from Yoroi wallet.